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    Gigi Hadid Accidentally Made Her BFF A Vogue Photographer During Quarantine And The Story Is Really Something

    From Instagram selfies to the pages of Vogue!

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    Since basically everybody is being affected by the coronavirus and having to bunker down indoors, a lot of us are currently getting used to working from home. As it turns out, being a famous model doesn't get you off the hook either — just ask Gigi Hadid!

    Yep, despite runways and in-studio photoshoots being shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, Gigi has still found herself working the day job. The quarantine just means she's had to get a little more creative.

    In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon — where Gigi confirmed the news that she's pregnant — the model hilariously opened up about still doing photoshoots from home and making one her close friends a brand new star photographer in the process.

    "It kinda started the first week we were in it," Gigi said. "I was already getting calls like, 'Hey, these magazines want you to shoot yourself at home.'"

    Those ~magazines~ just so happened to be two of the biggest in the world — Italian Vogue and American Vogue. No big deal or anything!

    For Italian Vogue, Gigi was sent a a fancy Chanel look to don for the photos. Jumping into the role of creative director, she decided a ~quarantine fantasy~ moment would be pretty apt. What could be more appropriate for a lockdown photoshoot than making it Mario Kart themed?!

    As for the American Vogue shoot, which Gigi did with little sister Bella, the clothes were meant to be "meaningful" and tell a story about their time in quarantine.

    But by far the most amusing part of this story is Gigi's friend Leah who, as an amateur photographer, now has her first two photoshoots gracing the pages of Vogue.

    "She got a really easy, fast route to photography stardom and now has two Vogue shoots under her belt," Gigi joked. "She's like, 'I don't know what's so hard about this for successful photographers.'"

    When Leah's not available for photography duties, Gigi has been taking matters into her own hands. For a recent cover of i-D, she snapped the picture on FaceTime.

    And Gigi's not the only Hadid doing photoshoots through the phone — Bella also revealed she'd collaborated with friends through video calls to get some shots for Italian Vogue.

    But it's not all work and no play in the Hadid household. When they're not getting creative for FaceTime photoshoots, the family look to have been having a pretty great time.

    After all, now Gigi's pregnant, she deserves some rest and relaxation! Let's hope she's kicking back with some Mario Kart to celebrate the news.

    You can watch Gigi's full interview with Jimmy Fallon here, and don't forget to catch up on the latest coronavirus reporting from BuzzFeed News.