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    25 Of The Funniest Tweets About Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik's Pregnancy Announcement

    This is going to be the most beautiful baby in the universe.

    By now you must've heard the shot heard 'round the world — aka Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik announcing they were having a baby.

    Naturally, the internet is have a FIELD DAY with this news. As One Directioners, we’re both over the moon about the new addition to their family but also jealous that we’re not the ones preggers with Zayn’s baby.

    Anyway, enough about us! Here are the funniest tweet reactions to sweet baby Malik-Hadid:


    imagine having zayn malik & gigi hadid as your fucking parents??????


    the way zayn malik and gigi hadid r gonna produce the most beautiful child in the world and i have the audacity of existing


    zayn ’s and gigi ’s baby is not even born yet it looks better than me after a full makeup and 10 hours of sleep


    me typing up my application, personal statement and resume to send to gigi and zayn so they’ll let me be their kid’s babysitter


    me to my zayn malik poster after hearing of his and gigi’s pregnancy


    This child is gonna have Dua Lips & Bella Hadid as aunts, Gigi Hadid as their mother, and Zayn Malik as their dad. The power...


    headline: gigi hadid is pregnant! me: omg yolanda’s gonna be a grandma!!!


    zayn and gigi chillin at their farmhouse in PA while stan twitter has a meltdown:


    me realizing gigi and zayns unborn child is already more attractive than i am


    *TMZ saying Zayn and Gigi are expecting a baby* me rn:


    liam will talk about zayn being a father to the media before zayn does himself


    Nobody, absolutely nobody: Directioners finding out about Zayn & Gigi’s baby:


    i can’t wait for zayns kid to watch this video


    the way that’s zayns gonna be the THIRD member of one direction with a whole ass child. where does time go they were 17 literally yesterday


    when I heard zayns going to be a dad


    Whatever you do DONT imagine bear, freddie, and zayns baby being friends..


    me finding out gigi and zayns baby is already prettier and more successful than me even though it hasn’t been born yet


    imagine zayn caressing gigi’s baby bump and talking to it, holding his baby for the first time ever, singing goodnight, playing and laughing, imagine gigi and zayn growing their baby together imagine how loved it will be imagine zayn as a dad i wanna cry


    No one: Stan twitter freaking out over Gigi being pregnant and Zayn becoming a dad:


    the fact that the baby will have zayn and gigi as parents, bella hadid, dua lipa (probably) as aunties and abel (probably) as an fucking uncle.. the baby is already living the life that i’ve wished for


    all the 1d stans who were convinced they’d marry zayn when they find out he’s having a kid with gigi instead of them


    modelling agencies already making deals with gigi and zayn for their unborn kid


    zayn and gigi’s child knowing their parents are zayn and gigi


    zayn and gigi’s baby knowing their parents are one of the highest paid supermodels in the world and one of the best vocalists of this generation


    i’m just mad that i’m not zayn and gigi’s baby