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24 Facts You Didn't Know About Adele That'll Make You Love Her Even More

Yes, it's possible to love her even more than you already do.

1. When Adele performed on Saturday Night Live in 2008, she mistook Sarah Palin for Tina Fey, and called her Tina to her face.

2. She also said that Sarah wanted to come into her dressing room on the SNL set to meet her, but because of Sarah’s views on the LGBT community, and the fact that most of her team were gay, she didn’t let her come into the dressing room.

3. Adele also happened to be wearing an Obama badge, Palin's opposition in the election that year, when they met.

4. Once, on a video shoot, Adele was driving a golf buggy when she saw P Diddy and nearly ran him over in her haste to introduce herself.

5. After doing a cover of “Make You Feel My Love” for her first album, Adele asked multiple people what song she should cover for 21. She even asked a random woman working in Tesco, who simply replied: “Who are you?”

6. Adele was once banned from tweeting by her management after multiple occasions of doing it while drunk. At the time, her tweets had to be signed off by two other people before they could be tweeted.

7. Adele has the passion to dance, but in her own words, “I just don’t have the rhythm”. She says that if you want her to dance, you need to give her a bottle of vodka and some reggae music.

8. At the age of 10, Adele would charge her mum's friends £5 and then perform Spice Girls concerts in the living room.

9. After the success of her first album and winning two Grammys, Adele went back to north London and started a job sorting CDs in the back of a local record shop.

10. Adele was offered a recording contract the day after she graduated from The BRIT School. She signed the contract because the label already represented people she knew, but also because scout Nick Hugget made a good cup of tea and made her laugh.

11. The only things on Adele’s dressing room rider is fruit, which she doesn’t eat because she prefers vegetables, a bottle of red wine, which her crew drinks, water, and honey.

12. During live performances, Adele always makes sure to wave back at fans in the audience because she knows it’ll “make their night”.

13. Adele says that everything in her life and how she envisions it is based on a film. For example, “Rolling in the Deep” was based on Mark Wahlberg's character in The Perfect Storm, when he narrates a love letter while lost at sea.

14. She also once said that the “bigger your career gets, the smaller your life gets”, which she based on a quote from The Devil Wears Prada.

15. Adele thinks she usually sounds pitchy when she sings, blaming it on emotion. While speaking to Ellen Degeneres, she said, “I’m always a bit pitchy. When I’m flat and I’m sharp, I’m just emotional.”

16. This followed her performance at the Grammys in 2016, when a microphone fell onto the piano strings, making it sound out of tune. However, although she admitted to crying about it afterwards, Adele treated herself to a burger and a beer after the show, tweeting “maybe it was worth it”.

17. When Adele performed at the Brit Awards in 2011, she had to stand on the stage in heels for two minutes during the ad break before the performance. This made her nervous because "standing for more than a minute in high heels makes me wobble.”

18. When she took her son to Disneyland, Adele cried meeting Belle because the actress “sounded just like the character from the film."

19. Adele’s first musical memory was when she was “about three or four”, and her mum hid her under a coat and snuck her into a gig.

20. Although she’s outgoing and charismatic on stage, Adele says that she’s actually more introverted and shy. In behind-the-scenes footage of her performance at the Royal Albert Hall, she said, “I don’t know what possesses me to chat so much shit on stage.”

21. Although 21 is based on a break-up, Adele was actually still with the guy when she began writing the album. When she wrote the first song, “Take It All”, she played it to him and he left her a few weeks later.

22. While pregnant and in the early days after giving birth, Adele rented a “mad house” in the country and stopped going out in public because paparazzi began hiding out and following her around. But she put her foot down after the birth of her son, and has since said that the paparazzi are now respectful.

23. If Adele was going to be a character from Sex and the City, she thinks she’d be Miranda.

24. And finally, Adele dedicated performances of “Make You Feel My Love” to Amy Winehouse at all of the live shows that followed her death in 2011. Each time, she’d make the crowd turn on their phone lights so they’d look like a sky of stars that Amy could see.