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Cardi B Showed How Her Body Really Looks On Instagram After Joking About "Sucking In Her Stomach" For Pictures

"Suck it in life."

I think it's fair to say that Cardi B hasn't exactly been shy about keeping it real during the coronavirus lockdown.

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For example, there was the time she somehow got around the social distancing rules and managed to get an at-home bikini wax, which she documented with a video that can only be described as chaotic.

Cardi B getting a wax and acting like she’s giving birth😂

Then there was the back-to-butt tattoo reveal.

Cardi also wasn't afraid to give her opinion on the virus itself, calling out celebrities for using their privilege to get tested for COVID-19 despite not having any symptoms.

And let's not forget ~that~ meme.

Now, Cardi has turned her attention to the realities of social media, showing off what her body looks like when she's not posing for the cameras.

On Tuesday, Cardi posted a picture by her swimming pool that she captioned: "I suck the shit out my stomach for this pic so appreciated."

A couple of hours later, however, Cardi then posted a follow-up video, showing her followers that what they see in a picture on Instagram isn't always the complete truth.

"Suck it in life," she captioned the video.

I don't know about you but I can most DEFINITELY relate!


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