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Cardi B Posted A Video Of Herself Getting A Bikini Wax And I Just Have Several Questions

What is happening?

So you know how we all should be practicing social distancing in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic?

Yeah, well that hasn't stopped Cardi B from getting a bikini wax.

On Sunday, the "Money" rapper uploaded a video of herself getting process done, and let's just say...I have several questions.

Cardi B getting a wax and acting like she’s giving birth😂

Starting with the obvious, which is why on earth is she getting a bikini wax in the middle of a pandemic?! 🤔

I couldn't make out whether Cardi was getting the wax done at home or at a professional waxing salon, but I did see someone wearing what looked like scrubs (???) holding Cardi's hand.

At one point, Cardi stopped and asked how quickly the wax would dry and then called for "the nail lady."

Between Cardi screaming like she was delivering a baby and the woman — who I'm assuming is her esthetician — trying to calm her down, it was the definition of chaotic energy.

I mean, kudos to her for wearing a mask, but still. I'm sure this could have waited, no?

Cardi, if you're reading this, stay safe out there. Shit is getting real!