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    Cardi B's Massive New Tattoo Took 60 Hours To Complete And Wow, Just Wow

    "It took me several months, but I’m finally finished."

    I remember when I got my first tattoo. It was 2012 and I thought I was doing something ~unique~ when I decided to get "faith" across my wrist:

    I later found out that it was NBD and all the ~cool kids~ were getting that on their wrists at the time. It was a strange era, guys.

    @TatPics second tattoo ! #lovetats #faith #wrist

    Anyway, Cardi B is no stranger to tats herself, but her latest ink has me literally picking my jaw up off the floor.

    On Friday, the "Money" rapper uploaded a video of her massive new tattoo, which starts at the top of her back and goes down to the middle of her thigh:

    The detailing is pretty impressive, if you ask me — the guy who got "faith" tattooed on his wrist:

    There's a yellow butterfly...

    ...and a blue butterfly:

    A hummingbird:

    And a blue rose!

    And if her closeup video wasn't enough to fully give you what you needed, Cardi posted this shot of her new tattoo, which revealed that it also covers one of her butt cheeks:

    On Saturday, Cardi tweeted a screenshot from her tattoo artist Jamie Schene, who shared how long it took to finish the design: 60 hours!

    This how long it took to do my whole tatt....I got a few more to go .

    "60+ hours, more than 10 cities, it was an awesome project and a crazy experience," the Oak Hills, California–based artist wrote.

    So, yeah. Cardi B's new tattoo is massive and impressive, and I'm just over here with my one tiny "faith" tattoo on my wrist.