23 Seriously Violent And Shocking TV And Movie Scenes That Took Us Completely Off Guard

    "I was shoving my hands in my pockets because I was worried I’d bite off my nails."

    Violence can be pretty shocking in a movie or TV show. Whether it's out of the blue, or just so graphic – there are certain scenes that will catch us off guard.

    Well, recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community for the violent scenes that shocked them. Here are 23 of the best responses:

    🚨Spoiler and violent content warning🚨 – This post contains spoilers for the shows and movies mentioned, so skip any points you don't want spoilt! It also includes depictions and images of violent scenes. 

    1. Invincible

    2. Saw X

    3. Ghost Ship

    4. The Boys

    5. 13 Reasons Why

    6. The Dark Knight

    7. Apostle

    8. The Walking Dead

    9. Crimson Peak

    10. Mr. Robot

    11. The Departed

    12. Daredevil

    13. The Green Mile

    14. Shameless (US)

    15. Promising Young Woman

    16. Black Rain

    17. Breaking Bad

    18. Game of Thrones

    19. The Boys (again)

    20. Midsommar

    21. American History X

    22. Better Call Saul

    23. The Talented Mr. Ripley

    When has a violent scene shocked you? Let us know in the comments below!