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    27 Things That'll Make You A Wizard In The Kitchen

    You don't even have to roll for initiative to start cooking.

    1. A two-in-one twist whisk so efficient, you'll be named the new Wizard of Oz immediately.

    2. A food scale that will give you the power to always have precise measurements and thus the best Treacle tarts around.

    3. A handy device for making fresh popcorn at home, perfect for your next re-watch of the LOTR series.

    4. A pair of cut resistant gloves that give your hands +2 defense, so you don't have to worry about accidentally slicing your casting hand.

    5. A vegetable chopper so convenient, it will feel like you enchanted a knife to do all the dicing for you.

    6. A s'mores-making gadget that does the impossible and lets you cook a marshmallow in the microwave. I'm not saying it's magic...but maybe you are?

    7. An egg cooker for making perfectly cooked eggs with the wave of your wand (aka pressing a button).

    8. A breakfast sandwich maker that will feel a lot like you just transported one from a local McDonald's.

    9. A two-piece strainer set for feeling as creatively crafty as Alex Russo.

    10. A set of kitchen tools with multiples uses, so you can get several jobs done without even putting down your spoon.

    11. A burger mold that lets you put cheese INSIDE the burger, a trick so useful, even Merlin would be jealous.

    12. A whetstone to get your knife super sharp so cutting through bicorn horn can be a breeze.

    13. A collapsible colander that takes up so little space, it's as if you made it disappear.

    14. An air fryer that will make your food extra crispy without frying it, which we can all agree is straight-up magic.

    15. An empanada mold perfect for whipping up delicious pocket snacks, like say, pumpkin pasties?

    16. A spiralizer for turning veggies into pasta, aka the greatest transfiguration spell ever.

    17. A set of produce containers that will help your fruit stay fresh so long, you'll wonder if they're charmed.

    18. A splatter guard and oven mitt in a nice shade of gray that Gandolf would approve of.

    19. Toaster bags allowing you to make grilled cheese in the toaster. Weirdly, these can be bought on Amazon instead of Diagon Alley.

    20. A Hogwarts apron so you can rep your house while cooking up a meal that rivals the Start-of-Term Feast.

    21. An instant pot that can pressure cook, sauté, simmer, slow cook, make yogurt, and just basically cook dinner for you. Honestly this thing is better than any cooking cantrip.

    22. A castle cake mold to break out in celebration once you finally get your Hogwarts invitation in the mail.

    23. A magical machine that turns frozen fruit into a delicious soft serve-like treat.

    24. A whale strainer for when you feel like you need to summon your familiar to get the job done.

    25. An electric wine opener that opens wine with the press of a button, proving that science and magic are pretty much the same thing.

    26. An electric peeler that does the job for you, meaning more time to lock yourself in your massive library and study up on the Raven King.

    27. And a pair of magic wand salt and pepper shakers so you can literally feel like a wizard.

    Just remember to share some of your food with your fire demon.

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