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    34 Things You'll Probably End Up Recommending To Everyone You Know

    Might as well also get a megaphone so you can shout about all your favorite purchases.

    1. A waffle knit robe ready to deliver unspeakable levels of coziness.

    model wears grey robe

    2. A "nice" cream maker that transforms frozen fruit into delectable soft serve. You won't be able to stop 'gramming your fruity sundaes.

    3. A brightening face mask made with 100% pure, edible fruits like lucuma, papaya, and sea buckthorn perry. It smells tropical, is packed with vitamin C, and gently exfoliates your skin. Just add water to activate.

    4. An intriguing mushroom coffee that's so fun-ghi to drink you'll want everyone try it.

    iced coffee next to box of instant powdered coffee

    5. A door handle pouch to hang on your front door, so it's almost impossible to leave without your keys/checks/doggy bags/head.

    red pouch with keys and lease inside

    6. A truffle-infused ranch dressing for all your fancy ranch lovers out there. Imagine this on pizza. Imagine the explosion of flavor!!! Wow.

    bottle of ranch surrounded by rosemary, garlic, and truffles

    7. A super-effective, natural stainer remover that's so effective, it'll be like you never spilled that ice coffee at all. Until you spill the beans and tell everyone about how great this stuff works.

    8. A desk pedaler to help you keep circulation going in your legs without the pain of a standing desk. You might not even have to recommend it — your co-workers will see it and buy their own immediately.

    the pedaler

    9. A quartet of beautiful speckled stacking bowls that will make all your meals taste better. That's a scientific fact.*

    white bowl with terracotta bottom filled with shrimp ceviche

    10. A classic KitchenAid standing mixer for mixing up cakes, meringues, cookies, whipped potatoes, and anything else you like to serve with a side of kitchen appliance advice.

    the mixer

    11. A pair of pull cords so you can immediately tell which cord turns on the light and which turns on the fan. You know everyone is gonna be a huge fan of this!

    ceiling fan with chain charms that look like a lightbulb and fan

    12. A strategic card game called Unstable Unicorns that's all about building your own unicorn army before your friends, so you can crush them under your golden hoof. You'll want to play with your friends all the time, assuming you still have them after the first game.

    the game

    13. An electric wine opener to make popping bottles so easy, you won't let anyone else suffer through the old-fashioned way ever again.

    14. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that tastes good on everything, meaning you'll want to start encouraging your friends to have it on hand when you come over for dinner.

    the honey next to wings

    15. Billie, a razor subscription company that solves a ton of razor-related problems: it's inexpensive, it's cute, it's gentle on skin, and it comes right to your door!

    razors with pastel plastic handles

    16. An easy-to-use wireless speaker so good, even the bands you play on it will be singing the gadget's praises.

    the speaker

    17. A seven-in-one Instant Pot that will pretty much cook dinner for you, freeing up plenty of time to talk about it to your friends.

    18. Peel and stick fake marble for when you have fancy taste but not a fancy budget.

    19. A powder shampoo that lathers up quite nicely once you add water. It'll last way longer than regular shampoo because it's not diluted with water.

    hand holds small blue bottle that says "moondust"

    20. A Blueland cleaning kit with everything you need to tackle your less-than-sparkling-clean home.

    a box with four large glass spray bottles and one smaller spray bottle for hand soap

    21. A variety pack of Banza, aka chickpea pasta that's such an effective pasta alternative that you may never return to the original.

    penne in a bowl

    22. Glossier Solution to get rid of dead skin and clear your complexion, leaving you glowing.

    23. A subscription service that sends you a monthly shipment of international coffee so you can feel well-traveled, even if you never leave the couch.

    24. A zombie face mask kit to bring your skin back to life, in a good, not scary way.

    before: reviewer with fine lines during: face looking like a zombie because the mask dried and wrinkled after: face looks bouncier with less fine lines

    25. Ultra-chunky Nike sneaks that look like they were invented by aliens who go to a lot of HIIT classes.

    sneakers with a huge sole with a gap in the middle and air cushioning in the front

    26. A spiral-bound book of New York Times Monday crossword puzzles so you can take a break from screens and give your brain a little work-out (until you grab your phone and start tweeting about how great crossword books are).

    the book

    27. A magnetic screen door that lets you (or your guests, children, or pets) run in and out of the house, hands-free.

    model walks through the screen while holding tray

    28. A roll-on migraine relief stick you can roll on whenever you feel a headache coming.

    the migraine stick

    29. A seat gap filler to keep all your knick-knacks and debris from falling into your car's black hole, never to be seen again.

    gap filler in place

    30. A bottle of squalane oil that will deliver an instant hit of hydration to pretty much anywhere on your body.

    the bottle with a top pump

    31. A reliable hand vacuum you'll end up lending out to everyone who made the mistake of investing in a less sturdy model.

    vacuum being used on moulding

    32. A grout pen that will make your tile floors look so brand spanking new, you won't be able to stop asking people to admire your floors.

    33. A pack of silicone straws so you can keep sipping on your bevvies but without harming any sea turtles in the process. Expect a thank you note from Mother Nature in the mail.

    34. A blessedly effective carpet cleaner capable of turning your brown carpet into whatever color it was when you bought it.

    vacuum being used on carpet and showing a light stripe where it's been

    Me, trying to relax, but plagued with the idea of people not knowing about all of the quality stuff they could buy.

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