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    45 Things To Buy With The Amazon Gift Card You Got For Christmas

    A gift card is a great gift because it delights you twice: Once when you receive it and again when you get to use it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A tube of unicorn snot, AKA glittery lip balm to help you live your most magical life.

    glittery tubes of lip balm that say unicorn snot

    2. An all-white, 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle for masochists who think regular puzzles are for amateurs.

    the puzzle

    3. A Loch Ness monster bookmark so you can find your place, even if no one can find the actual Nessie.

    bookmark that looks like loch ness monster swimming in between pages

    4. Rainbow Jenga, a great purchase for design lovers and game masters alike.

    colorful jenga

    5. A pair of googly eyes to magically turn anything into a new friend.

    car with googly eyes on it

    6. A clear umbrella sure to help you achieve of your dreams of it actually raining men, hallelujah!

    clear umbrella with men and rain on it

    7. A cool chunky sweater with cute designs like cow pastures, teddy bears, and...murderous geese.

    8. A pack of vibrant tarot cards proving that the future's looking bright.

    colorful tarot cards

    9. A set of stickers for your iPhone charger so no one can claim that they "accidentally" took yours instead of their frayed and busted cord.

    10. A color-changing showerhead so you can have a solo rave party in the shower.

    light up shower head

    11. A big pack of scrunchies so you'll never ever be without one ever again.

    velvet scrunchies in many colors

    12. A frosting kit with 24 icing tips — Susan at the bake sale won't know what hit her.

    13. A live monstera plant that can be safely mailed right to your door.

    reviewer pic of huge monstera

    14. A set of animal socks so cute, you'll find yourself aww-ing every time you wear 'em.

    15. An orb-shaped lamp that'll make you feel like a wizard every time you turn the lights on.

    round light

    16. A bear-y funny pillowcase you should get if you're always hungry and looking for compliments.

    pillowcase that says feed me and tell im pretty with a bear on it

    17. A collagen coating hair protein treatment that takes your dry, tired hair and turns it into the silky soft locks you've always wanted.

    before: my dry hair after two uses: my hair looking more silky

    18. Avocado Smash — a fast-paced game to enjoy with the family members that are still in town.

    avocado case with playing cards

    19. Trendy, pearl-covered barrettes you won't be able to clam up about.

    a pack of pearly barrettes

    20. A classic PlayStation console complete with 20 games, two wired controllers, a virtual memory card, and an HDMI cable so you can relive all the classic games of your youth.

    hand holding the compact console containing the games with a normal controller

    21. A set of fragrant bath bombs for enjoying a little R&R after the holiday season — you deserve it.

    bath tub with flowers in it and bath bombs on the side

    22. Lightweight slides that'll bring some marshmallow-like style to your at-home look. Suh-weet!

    the slides in various pastel and neutral colors

    23. A little sheep who's happy to keep your TP rolls organized. Admit it, you want it baaadly.

    metal sheep holder with seven rolls of toilet paper that look like its wool

    24. A rainbow doormat from the Novogratz collection that'll look great-ient outside your door.

    rainbow doormat

    25. A sleeveless swing mini simple enough to work as a blank canvas for all your accessories. This necklace? Your pencil. This purse? Your paint. Together, you're gonna make a style masterpiece.

    the green dress

    Promising review: "This dress is so comfortable! The material is stretchy and soft and does not cling to your body. I originally got this dress because I needed something roomy after my shoulder surgery. I've already ordered another one in a different color. I really recommend this dress. It's fantastic!" —Susan Kirby

    Price: $15.99+ (available in sizes 1X–4X and four colors)

    26. A set of nourishing sheet masks because it's winter and your skin is feeling super thirsty.

    face masks

    27. An Instant Pot that'll change the way you cook in 2020. It's a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker, and warmer all rolled into one nifty kitchen gadget.

    the instant pot

    28. An eyeliner stamp for getting perfect wings every 👏 single 👏 time 👏.

    29. A fancy, fruity cat cap you're sure to love (even if your cat doesn't).

    30. A Wheel of Fortune 2021 daily calendar so you can see how you'd do on the show.

    31. A set of 150 questions inspired by the Love Language test to deepen your connection with your SO even more. There's only so many times you can ask them what they want for dinner, after all.

    The deck, which includes questions like "If you could travel back in time for one day, what year would it be and why?" and "If we as a couple had a theme song what would it be?"

    32. A carbonated bubble clay mask that'll help refresh your face and put on a good show while it does it.

    33. A set of LED light saber chopsticks to make fights over the last dumpling extra dramatic.

    models duke it out with glowing chopsticks over a bowl of rice

    34. A pair of incredibly soft hybrid leggings and joggers for anyone looking for both supreme comfort and style.

    Reviewer in a pair of dark green joggers with an elastic drawstring high waist

    35. A compact mini donut maker to turn your kitchen in the bakery you always knew it could be. Time to unveil your latest strawberry milkshake donut to the world!

    36. A Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker complete with a lil' strap so you can take your tunes and new BFF wherever you go.

    37. A trio of window planters you can hang right above the window. Bam! Lots of light for the plants and easy decor for you.

    three white planters held up by a black bar

    38. A miniature greenhouse kit so you can finally achieve your dreams of opening a plant store (for ants).

    39. A pack of old-school NES cartridge coasters to encourage guests to actually use a coaster, dangit!

    nes game coasters

    40. A letter board so you can leave yourself encouraging messages or work on your jokes.

    41. A box filled with Japanese snacks to please anyone who has been really itching for new treats to try.

    42. A gel manicure kit with everything you need to create amazing manicures right at home.

    43. A fun and beautiful board game where the point of the game is basically to become a thriving forest. *wistfully stares out of the window*

    44. A paw-shaped chair cushion, because who doesn't want to be lovingly cradled in a kitten's paw?

    paw shaped pillows

    45. An ingenious sandwich cutter and sealer so you can make your own Smucker's Uncrustables copycats at home. FINALLY we can all be reunited with the sadly discontinued grilled cheese variety. 

    The sandwich cutter and sealer
    Reviewer's photo showing homemade uncrustables

    Promising review: "These have been a GAME-CHANGER in this house!! My son has always begged me for Uncrustables but my wallet didn’t agree with them. I LOVE being able to make them at home and customize them to exactly what they would like them filled with! I make two weeks' worth of sandwiches at a time and store them in sandwich bags in the freezer so in the morning during the school year we can just grab and go! Love them!" —Katherine Smaczniak

    Price: $19.96

    The gift-giving (and getting) season never has to end!