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    27 Things For Anyone Who Desperately Needs To Chill Out

    *tucks you into bed and spritzes you with lavender spray* shhhhhhhh.

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    1. A spinning ring you can fidget with whenever you need to keep your hands busy.

    2. A Roku streaming stick so you can easily throw a kitten video on Youtube before stress eats you alive.

    3. A bath pillow that will make bathing as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Seriously, just take a nap in there. You need it.

    4. And a wine holder to keep your vino close, in case you struggle to relax in the tub on your own.

    5. And screw it! Throw some bath bombs in the cart too so you can fully bathe in luxury.

    6. An expanding file folder that comes in a soothing pastel color, so you can breathe easy now that all your important papers are in one place.

    7. An under-desk hammock so you can put your feet up and take a breather when work gets out of hand.

    8. A weighted blanket some people say has helped with their anxiety and stress.

    9. A foaming carbonated face mask that cleanses and exfoliates so you can kick back and enjoy the nice tingling sensation.

    10. A white noise machine ideal for restless sleepers who would rather hear than sound of rain than their own racing thoughts.

    11. Edibles — a marijuana cookbook to make snacks that you'll think very highly of.

    12. A foam mattress topper because the first step of chilling is having a comfortable place to do it.

    13. A ginger and lavender body wash aptly called "CALM DOWN" so you can do just that during your next shower.

    14. An adult swaddle, because why should babies get to have all the fun?

    15. A magnetic zen garden for a futuristic, meditative project to distract you from whatever is stressing you out.

    16. A massaging shower head with 30 different settings so you can just blast the stress away.

    17. A tin of C.O. Bigelow lavender salve so your lips can chill out too.

    18. A pair of snuggly sweatpants because nothing is worse than un-comfy clothes. Nothing!!!

    19. Melatonin gummies in a nice blackberry flavor to help you fall asleep and stay that way all night long. Seriously.

    20. A head massager to give you aaaalll the tingles.

    21. A subscription to Audible so you can snuggle up and get ready for story time.

    22. A big ole' pack of inexpensive face masks so you can relax and not stress about blowing $5 on a single gooey piece of paper.

    23. A lavender and chamomile spray so you can surround yourself in a mist of relaxing smells.

    24. A zodiac-themed candle that rewards you with a little crystal once it's fully melted so you don't have to fret about actually using the thing.

    25. A silk pillowcase offering up a super soft place to lay your head.

    26. A lavender-infused eye mask with clay beads so you can heat it up or throw it in the fridge, depending on your needs.

    27. A pack of glittery squishies you can count on to be your stress relievers whenever the pressure of life gets you down.

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