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    25 Pet Supplies So Cool, You're Going To Envy Your Furry Friend

    Playing tug-o-war with Fido is suddenly a high stakes game.

    1. A plush, hollow log filled with squeaker chipmunks that your pet can pull out and chomp away at. Seems like a great stress reliever!

    2. A cat face massager that will put your jade roller to shame.

    3. A VHS toy set your dog is probably too young to remember. Better keep it for yourself.

    4. A rainbow leash that's probably great-ient for walks.

    5. An over-the-shoulder sack for transporting your beloved pet while keeping them snug and warm. No word yet on a human sized version of this.

    6. An a-peel-ing pet bed your cat will go bananas for.

    7. A squeaky toy shaped like your favorite food, whether that's sushi, a taco, fries, or fruit. Maybe your dog will share?

    8. A striped tee so cute you'll wonder if they sell it in your size.

    9. A mini avocado bed your guinea pig simply ~hass~ to have.

    10. A blind box featuring one adorable cap for your cat or small dog. They're going to look so. cute.

    11. A delicious pie bed so your lil' sugar cubes can be the sweet filling.

    12. A snuggly snood that'll keep their ears nice and toasty while also letting them try out being a different species.

    13. A star plush toy you'll want to wish on — and ask for one for you to play with too!

    14. A super cute cactus chew toy that could easily double as decor on a shelf.

    15. A subscription to Barkbox, a service that mails your dogs lots of goodies each month. Uhmmm why is no one sending me snacks and toys every month?

    16. Matte dog bowls that will make their canned food actually look pretty good.

    17. A wall-mounted play place with bridges and a ladder for your little explorer. Sadly, you're not invited on this adventure.

    18. A plush bottle of Grrrona, complete with squishy lime. Hopefully your dog will get the next round.

    19. A Hawaiian shirt that may lead you to book a tropical vacation for just you and your fur ball.

    20. A pair of round glasses so your pet can serve looks so devastating, the Starbucks barista will feel obligated to give them an extra Puppuccino.

    21. A suction cup cat hammock for lounging by the window and getting some sun — is there room up there for me, too?

    22. A plush flower crown sure to turn your pet into an influencer overnight.

    23. A billiards-themed dog toy set you'll want to pocket for yourself.

    24. A Dusen Dusen sweater so fashionable, you'll wonder when Annie Leibovitz is coming over to take your pet's photo.

    25. And a circular, elevated cat bed that could just as easily be human sized and found in a home featured in Apartment Therapy.

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