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    Everyone Needs To Stop What They're Doing And Admire These Cats Lounging In Window Hammocks

    Just look at these beautiful, relaxed cats! Stunning, just stunning.

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    Listen, we all know that cats can be kind of picky.


    But if there's one thing that all cats seem to like, it's this amazing window hammock that suctions on to any glass surface. It lets them get plenty of sun and monitor potential targets outside.

    And if you thinks cats like it, just look how much their owners rave about it: It has over 2,200 positive reviews on Amazon!,

    "We've had this for a week and it's our cat's favorite place to hang out. When we get home from work, we usually find them lounging on top of it. Make sure the surface is very clean before you apply the suction cups so it adheres properly. When we were trying to decide where to hang the seat, we noticed that the suction cups don't stick completely if there is any dust." β€”joe

    To set it up, just thoroughly clean the window and suction cups with alcohol wipes before sticking it to the glass. Then add some treats to the hammock and wait for your furry pal to climb aboard.,

    "This item was easy to assemble. I had my son and daughter (teens) set it up. The first time we put it up it did fall but it was because we forgot to clean the suction cups too. We have now had it up for a month or so and have not had any problems. Our kitties love it! I have two 7-month-old sibling tabbies. They weigh approximately 6-7 pounds each. They got on it as soon as the sunny seat was up and have been enjoying their naps and looking out the window." β€”starfire

    "I have to say, when I took this out of the package I was skeptical. I have a large (pleasingly plump) cat and the PVC-type poles, suction cups, and plastic wires did not instill confidence. I dutifully cleaned my window, put the thing together, hung it up, and put a couple of cat treats in it. Sure enough, 15 minutes later my cat was in it β€” all 15+ pounds of him. I'm a believer." β€”emmi

    Some reviewers note that adding a blanket or pillow makes the hammock more inviting for cats who don't take to it immediately. After all, these are fancy felines who demand the best accommodations!,

    "I've had this for six months and the cats would not use it, until today. Turns out they did not like the canvas. I added a soft throw and it's being used! After a year of good use, the cats still favor this bed. I now can give it five stars. It has held up well and stays in place well. I wiped both the window and the suction cups with 91% alcohol before attaching. That seems to work!" β€”Z

    "The hammock was more or less easy to assemble when I pulled it out of the box. It comes more on the stiff side, so topping the hammock with a blanket makes it perfect for your kitty. My Goose LOVES his hammock. You may have to put it in a good spot for your cat to reach, place them in it a few times, or put treats in, but once they understand this hammock is for them, they won't be able to get enough! 10/10 worth the buy!" β€”Carrie Morgan

    You don't have to worry about your precious pet getting dropped: This thing is sturdy AF.

    "This cat window seat is AMAZING!! If you look at the picture I attached, it held one VERY large cat plus five foster kittens with no signs of wavering. It has let go from the window a few times but not a lot by any means. My cats also chew on the plastic anchor strings but so far they haven't been able to damage them too much. LOVE this product!" β€”Lora Silagy

    Just look at these adorable kitties chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool!,

    "I've had the sunny seat for about a year now and I am so pleased with how amazing this product is. My cat used to sleep in bed with me and take up so much room, even though she is a small cat! Now that I have the sunny seat up on the window right over my bed, she is obsessed with it and sleeps in it every single night. She also loves using it during the day to lounge in the sun while watching the birds and squirrels run around in the backyard. Very happy with this product and would recommend to anyone with a cat!!" β€”Bianca

    "Took her a few weeks to warm up to it and realize she was allowed to climb on it, but since then Bella uses it everyday! Sun bathing, naps, just hanging out. She loves it! Also, super easy installation if you follow the directions." β€”Courtney S.

    OK, so it's decided: You're going to buy one of these hammocks and send me a ton of pictures of your cat enjoying it. Good choice! Here are two more cute cat pictures for the road.

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99.

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