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    23 Useful Products Even 20-Somethings Should Splurge On

    Smart buys that are actually worth it.

    1. A makeup-removing cloth that literally erases every speck of product you're wearing in a few quick swipes — including waterproof mascara — using just water. It feels so nice and is so easy you'll actually WANT to use it, even when you get home at 3 a.m. from a glorious night out with your friends.

    2. A pair of noise cancelling headphones to block out the chatter in your open office so you can actually focus at work.

    3. An Instant Pot if you often cook for your family (or just yourself!) on weeknights and don't have one already, because it can seriously transform frozen chicken breasts into unbelievably delicious tacos in about half an hour.

    4. A pair of incredibly comfortable flats cute enough to style with dozens of outfits and durable enough to last for more than just a few months (even if you wear 'em basically every day). Oh, and they're 100% machine washable when they get smelly.

    5. An excellent chef's knife if you do any kind of chopping, slicing, and dicing when you cook dinner — it'll speed up your prep work and lower your risk of injury, especially compared to that super cheap (and dull) knife you had in your dorm room.

    6. An Aerogarden because keeping up with a traditional herb garden's hard when you have so much else going on, but this makes it easy to enjoy fresh basil, thyme, mint, and more in both your cooking and your lazy at-home cocktails.

    7. A high-sided sauté pan that does everything a skillet can plus some.

    8. The ultralight and ergonomic Dyson Supersonic *if* you blow-dry your hair weekly or even daily, so you can prevent the damage that regular dryers inevitably wreak on your strands when you use them year after year. You'll be grateful you splurged now when you reach your 30s!

    9. And a microfiber hair towel — it soaks up more water than you regular terrycloth towel, meaning your hair always dries quickly, whether you air-dry or blow-dry.

    10. A bra (or two!) that you're comfortable wearing, truly fits you, and makes you happy to put on every morning as you choose your #OOTD.

    11. A pair of perfectly clear blue light–blocking glasses ideal if you happen to work at a computer all day long — they could help reduce eye strain and maybe even help you get better sleep.

    12. A pair of Hunter rain boots so you never have to deal with that gross feeling of jeans that are wet from the calf down ever again.

    13. And an umbrella to end your search for the best umbrella forever: it's teflon-coated, fortified against rogue wind gusts so it almost never turns inside-out, automatically opens and closes at the touch of a button, weighs less than a pound, and has a lifetime. replacement. guarantee.

    14. An ergonomic office chair because if you sit for at least eight hours a day, you might as well make it as good-for-you and comfortable as possible.

    15. A lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen you won't mind applying every single morning.

    16. A blender set that also doubles as a food processor so you can make nutritious breakfast smoothies, legendary daiquiris, delicious salsa and hummus, quick-chopped onions for your favorite recipe, and so much more.

    17. A sleek electric toothbrush because healthy gums and teeth start with good habits, and this just might make you look forward to cleaning your teeth every night.

    18. A memory foam topper so you can finally get more restful sleep without completely replacing that new but only sorta comfy–mattress.

    19. A 100% silk pillowcase designed to help prevent hair breakage and be super gentle on your skin, night after night.

    20. And a Casper pillow, which is engineered to be comfortable no matter what position you end up sleeping in each night.

    21. A pair of staple jeans you'll wear for at least the next couple of years because they fit so well and are sooo comfortable.

    22. A rugged bluetooth speaker so you can listen to music and podcasts whether you're getting ready in the morning, doing chores, chilling by the pool (or lake or ocean), at a picnic, or pretty much anywhere where you wouldn't want to wear headphones.

    23. A Nest learning thermostat if you happen to own your home (lucky you) because it can cut down on both your overall energy use and your energy bills.

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