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    33 Comfortable Things That Will Make Almost Every Outfit Better

    Look cute without sacrificing comfort.

    1. A cozy flannel dress you'll be plaid to have.

    reviewer wears plaid flannel dress with high low skirt

    2. A '90s-style cardigan for fans of Two Face and his contrasting style.

    model wears cardigan thats half black and half lavender

    3. A Knife Kirby beanie for a cuddly (but edgy!) look. Wear this when you wanna look soft but dangerous.

    black beanie with patch of kirby holding a knife

    4. A polka dot wool coat to round out your chilly weather outfit.

    white coat with grey polka dots

    5. A big ole' plaid circle skirt for retro charm and a built-in blanket.

    6. A sweatshirt with more fluff than any teddy bear I've ever seen.

    7. Haunted piano pants that'll be the key to the perfect spooky outfit.

    model wears pants that have a split design, one side piano keys and one side black with white ghosts, moons, and bugs

    8. A snuggly pullover sweater you can slip deeper into when you wanna catch some ZZZs during a Zoom meeting undetected.

    9. A furry cross-body bag that doubles as a fuzzy teddy bear you can hug.

    fuzzy messenger bag

    10. Or literal teddy bears you can wear as slippers. Doesn't get cozier (or weirder) than that!

    teddy bears with holes in the stomachs for the feet to go in

    11. A pair of snuggly combat boots that are surely what Metric was singing about in "Combat Baby."

    12. A cropped hoodie featuring an illustration of animals waiting in line. A boring task made better with cute critters? Basically the Animal Crossing of sweatshirts.

    model wears pink hoodie with illustration of animals waiting in line

    13. Fleece-lined stockings – they're so warm and cozy, you'll never want spring to come.

    leggings rolled down to show fleece inside

    14. A long-sleeve top with pockets so your hands can get cozy too.

    long sleeve shirt with front pockets

    15. A pair of ultra-comfortable fleece joggers that come in a variety of cool colors to elevate your loungey looks.

    model wears sweatpants with elastic bottoms

    16. A pair of knit mittens to keep those paws safe and warm whenever you need to go on a grocery run.

    pink knit mittens with mustard, grey, and blue stripes by the cuffs

    17. A batwing cardi sure to make your cozy-loving heart soar.

    half purple, half olive sweater with three buttons and yellow collar

    18. A fuzzy jacket to help you nail that Muppet-chic look.

    19. A slit sleeve sweater that makes it almost look like you're wearing a cape. Movie night just became a formal affair.

    model wears cropped ribbed sweater with split sleeves

    20. An embroidered tee for fans of Taylor Swift's Evermore album.

    white crewneck that says life was a willow

    21. A merino wool tee that's more that just the softest shirt you'll ever wear: The antibacterial and sweat-wicking nature of the wool means it stays dry, clean, and fresh for much longer than cotton.

    model wears crewneck tee

    22. A Barbie crop tank you can pair with sweats, leggings, or if you're feeling fancy, jeans!

    23. A long leopard cardi for when you're feline like mixing up your style.

    model wears cardigan with oversized leopard print

    24. A waffle knit henley top as warm and comforting as a fresh pile of waffles.

    model wears long sleeve white shirt with three button collar

    25. A pair of Crocs and a trendy chain that can be easily attached for maximum silly-chic style.

    a pair of white crocs with chunky chains around the tops

    26. An oversized color-block cardigan to wear over pretty much any outfit — layering is so important this season.

    reviewer wears long cardigan with three colors blocks

    27. A classic turtleneck because hey, every wardrobe needs one. Think of it has a sweater that gives your neck a gentle hug all day.

    model wears white sweater with wide sleeves

    28. A pair of satin pants to give you that lovely "swish swish" while you walk. The luxury! The comfort! The style!!!

    silky pants with orange, grey, and purple paint swirl design

    29. Gingham leggings for when you wanna look a little fancier but absolutely refuse to wear anything that's not super stretchy.

    30. A cozy fleece crop tank best worn with the largest cardigan you have for maximum comfort levels.

    model wearing the cream top

    31. Checked leggings that look office-ready, even if your office under a blanket on the couch.

    model wears black and white checked leggings

    32. A linen jumpsuit with a tie-waist and big pockets for some easy, lightweight cozy attire that you won't feel overheated in.

    33. Rouched leggings that'll make your legs look like fresh whipped cream — yum! *goes to the kitchen to eat the third dessert of the day*

    white joggers with rouched sides

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