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    May 5, 2017

    41 Unmissable Gems On Netflix UK You Should Be Watching Already

    Kiss goodbye to your social life.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favourite hidden gems that are currently on Netflix UK. Here's what you need to be watching right now...

    Jon-Michael Poff / BuzzFeed
    BBC, Red Hour Films, Matchbox Pictures

    1. Shetland: A Scottish Isle-based crime/whodunnit series. Not only are the stories riveting, it also puts you in the scenery of the craggy Scottish coastline.


    2. Coupling: One of the best British comedies ever! Written by Steven Moffat pre-Doctor Who and Sherlock fame. It follows the lives of six thirtysomethings and has many quotable moments.


    3. Voltron: Legendary Defender: An animation series about five heroes defending the universe from evil. It's an incredibly enjoyable experience and not just because of the nostalgia factor (it's based on an old anime). Makes me want to have a child just so I can make them watch this.


    4. Freaks and Geeks: I can't believe it's taken me to long to watch it! It's hilarious, poignant, and so well written, plus there are so many people who are now well known in it.


    5. Burning Love: Not enough people know about it, and it's the funniest fucking thing out there. It's a spoof version of The Bachelor, following a man trying to find his perfect partner.


    6. Hinterland: It's about a troubled detective in rural Wales. I binge-watched it over a weekend. It pulls you in and is dark in a fascinating way.


    7. Glitch: One of many adaptations of Les Revenants on Netflix, and in my opinion the best. Five people rise from the grave with no memory of who they are or how they died. It's so good I watched it twice.


    8. Once Upon a Time: I was so happy that i found it on Netflix as I fell in love with it as soon as I watched the first episode. It's a great series to watch if you're into fairytales, Disney, fantasy etc.


    9. Mr Selfridge: This show about the opening of the Selfridge's London department store is amazing and underrated. It is set in 1910s/20s so the music and fashion are great.


    10. Orphan Black: It does not get the credit it deserves in the UK! The main character discovers she's a clone and ends up meeting her sisters... who are all being hunted/murdered. Seriously thrilling and keeps me on the edge of my seat with every episode.


    11. Reign: First ep is a bit iffy but after that it just keeps on getting better. This is essentially TV fan-fiction based around the life of Mary Queen of Scots. It manages to be both hilarious and an increasingly powerful exploration of really strong women.


    12. Bluestone 42: It's a series about a bomb disposal unit in Afghanistan. It's got some really beautifully handled scenes and it's the funniest show i’ve ever watched.


    13. Being Human: It was a BBC3 show, it's absolutely fantastic. It's about a ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire trying to fit into society.


    Bazmark Films, BBC

    14. The Get Down: It looks at how hip-hop and disco music rose in society and follows a group of teenagers who are all affected by it. The show also observes the poverty and violence people experienced living in the Bronx at the time.


    15. One Day at a Time: It's hands down the best sitcom I've ever watched, but no one else seems to know it exists! It's about a single Latina mother raising her kids with the help of her mum.


    16. Peaky Blinders: Holy hell it's amazing! Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Helen McRory, gangs, betrayal, historical drama, all set in Birmingham – what more could you want?!


    17. How to Get Away With Murder: About a criminal defence attorney who becomes involved in a dark murder case. Just fucking brilliant from the beginning.


    18. Cuckoo: It's all about this girl who goes on a gap year and brings back a crazy hippy named Cuckoo, who she has apparently married. Her family are NOT pleased.


    19. Silk: It's about proper British lawyers, and it stars Maxine Peake being ridiculously badass.


    20. Lovesick: It's brilliant and funny, and not getting the hype it deserves. It's a British show about a guy on a quest for true love. Also, it was originally called Scrotal Recall, which is the best pun ever.

    –Daniel Lowe via Facebook

    21. Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle: Lee is the funniest, cleverest comedian around today and his show Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle is phenomenal.


    22. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency: About an amateur sleuth solving crimes. It's clever, wacky, and there are parts of it that are gloriously stupid, but by the end, I was binge-watching like my life depended on it!

    –Tim Done via Facebook

    23. Inside No 9: Each episode is a different story, but they're always dark and funny. By the same writers as League of Gentlemen and Psychoville, which are also on Netflix.

    –Jake Graham via Facebook

    24. 3%: An amazing (dubbed) Brazilian show set in a dystopian world. It follows a group of 20-year-olds trying to join a small group of people who will get to leave the rundown city where they live.

    –Sarah Kerrison via Facebook

    25. Sense8: It's about eight telepathic friends, and it's a fucking masterpiece that hasn't got recognition from the mainstream media.

    –Phạm Võ Hiếu via Facebook

    26. Rita: Danish dramedy about a nonconformist teacher who is constantly messing up her life. Perfect choice if you don't mind watching shows with subtitles.

    –Poppy Yeo via Facebook

    27. Hello My Twenties: A really funny Korean drama about five roommates.

    –Megan Kavanagh via Facebook

    Jon-Michael Poff / BuzzFeed
    Piki Films, Endgame Entertainment

    28. The Discovery: The discovery of scientific proof of the afterlife causes an epidemic of suicides. The interesting part is that we know an afterlife exists, but have no idea what it is.


    29. Whiplash: My favourite movie of all time. It's the story of a student whose whole life is centred around drumming, and his teacher who mentally and physically abuses him.


    30. Other People: It's a film about a mother with cancer and her three kids all dealing with it together. It's so raw and truthful, funny at moments, and will also make you sob.


    31. Hunt for the Wilderpeople: About a man and a boy who get lost in the wilderness. An amazing film. Funny, feelgood, and original.


    32. 3096 Days: if you're into true crime, this movie is about Natascha Kampusch, a 10-year-old girl that got kidnapped, locked in a cellar, and abused for eight years. It's disturbing but excellently directed and very interesting.


    33. The 'Burbs: It's about a guy who starts investigating his weird new neighbours. Blends horror and comedy very well.

    –Niall Hassett via Facebook

    Jon-Michael Poff / BuzzFeed
    Small Package Films, Go Valley

    34. Chef's Table: And Chef's Table France. It's a docuseries going behind the scenes in the kitchens of some of the world's great chefs. It is transcendent, uplifting, inspirational, and pretentious in a brilliant way!


    35. Amanda Knox: Absolutely riveting, moving, and very well done. As the film progresses you get a sense of who she is, and it's a far cry from the (fabricated) "Foxy Knoxy" sex-crazed murderess most of us still think of, despite her acquittal.


    36. Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On: It's a fantastic docuseries about the lives of sex workers, and how they have adapted to new technology. So interesting.


    37. Twinsters: It's a documentary about twins who were adopted at birth by two different families in two different countries, and didn't know the other existed until they found each other online. It's one of the best hidden gems on Netflix.


    38. Abstract: The Art of Design: It's so so so good and hardly anyone seems to have heard of it! Each episode focuses on a renowned designer from a different field and explores their approach to their craft.


    39. Forensic Files: It was perhaps made in the '90s or '00s and is brilliantly old-school. If you like true crime in bite-size episodes you will probably like it.

    –Christian Scott via Facebook

    40. Tower: A documentary combining animation and footage about the 1966 University of Texas clocktower massacre.

    –Paul Schimanski via Facebook

    41. The Barkley Marathons: I have zero interest in running, but this documentary about an absolutely insane race is just brilliant to watch. The guy that created the race is so funny too.

    –Bethany Quin via Facebook

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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