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    25 Stories About People's Last Day With Their Pet That'll Make You Cry

    "He was tired and he knew."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their pet's last day. Here are some of their responses…

    1. "I sang to her from The Fox and the Hound."

    2. "We put on videos of mice to distract him from the pain."

    3. "I bought her french fries and a couple of hot dogs."

    4. "It was the first time I'd seen a life end."

    5. "I knew it was the last time I would look into her beautiful brown eyes."

    6. "We watched movies, snuggled quietly, and just enjoyed our final hours together."

    7. "I whispered what a good bird she was."

    "I got my budgie, Junior, when I was 6. Last May, I celebrated 14 years with her. I woke up early one morning and she looked worse than I’d ever seen her. I knew she was dying. I gave her her dose of pain meds, laid down, and set her on my chest. She tucked herself under my chin and I whispered what a good bird she was. She died within the hour."


    8. "He was tired and he knew."

    9. "She had lived a long and adventurous life."

    10. "I put her in bed, and covered her up."

    11. "He was the good boy."

    12. "I was completely distraught."

    13. "I felt horrible thinking maybe he knew it was happening."

    14. "He ate a cheeseburger and fries."

    15. "I started sleeping on the floor with him so he wouldn’t be lonely."

    16. "He greeted me every day and followed me around like a dog."

    17. "We made him delicious human food."

    18. "He got his very own steak."

    19. "He got his favourite smoothie."

    20. "We took him on a car ride through all the parks in the city."

    21. "He knew I was upset and kept wagging his tail."

    22. "He spent most of his last day sleeping."

    23. "I remember the feel of her ears, the texture of her fur."

    24. "You can't see me sobbing behind the camera."

    25. "We ordered him pizza."

    Submissions have been edited for clarity and length.

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