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    According To This Sex Toy Shop, These Are The 5 Sex Toys Most In Demand By Women

    Add them to your holiday wishlist/treat yo' self list.

    Los Placeres de Lola / Via Facebook: pg

    The sex toy universe is as exciting as it is mysterious. Whether it's because of cultural norms or feelings of shame or shyness, many women feel totally in the dark when it comes to buying a vibrator and more. It's wild to think that, yes, there are literally women astronauts exploring outer space while thousands — maybe millions — of women on Earth have yet to fully explore our own bodies.

    That's why I've talked to Sara Pérez, co-owner of Los Placeres de Lola ("Lola's Pleasures") — a sex toy shop based in Madrid, Spain, and founded by women, for women with a distinctly sex positive philosophy. Here are the five products most in demand at Pérez's shop, along with a handful of tips for those thinking of buying their first toy:

    1. LELO's INA Wave: An all-in-one toy for complete stimulation.


    One of the best-sellers in Pérez's shop is this toy for G-spot stimulation: "This is a dual toy: one part is for vaginal penetration, and the other stimulates the clitoris," she says. "It is very ergonomic and not too big, so it can be easily handled."

    And, with 10 "pleasure settings," you'll have a lot to experiment with to find exactly what works for you. "Both the vibration and the movement of all of its parts can be adjusted, so you can decide which type of stimulation you prefer, or which type excites you the most," Pérez says.

    2. Dame's Eva: the funny little gadget you won't want to take out from between your legs.


    "This clitoral stimulator is very curious, because it's held in place only by your labia: it has 'legs' that exert pressure and it remains in that area while stimulating the clitoris, the labia, and the entrance of the vagina. Since it's hands-free, you can use it while doing whatever else you want," Pérez says.

    It also has certain benefits if you want to use it with your partner: "If your partner is a guy, you can use it during penetration, because it leaves the vagina open and both of you will feel the vibration," says Pérez, "it is very small, but very effective."

    Plus, this best-selling gadget was designed by two feminist women who wanted to regain control over their bodies and assert their sexuality.

    3. Fun Factory's ShareVibe: Excellent for one, but even better for two.

    Fun Factory

    Another big seller is this ShareVibe vibrator, initially designed for same-sex couples but now widely popular amongst all customers.

    "It is a double vibrator, but instead of being used for the vagina and clitoris, it has a thicker part that is placed inside the vagina, and another part is used to penetrate. It's made of soft silicone, which makes it ideal for anal penetration," Pérez says.

    4. NUEI's Oh! Holy Mary: An all-healing balm.


    Another top seller is this 100% vegan stimulating oil. "A very small amount of it is placed on the clitoris or in the glans to massage them, and it's an incredibly potent moisturizer that increases lubrication," Pérez explains. A few moments after use, you'll feel internal tingling, which makes orgasms feel much more intense. UK customers can also order it from Amazon here.

    5. Je Joue Ami Progressive Pelvic Weights: An underrated investment for the future.

    Je Joue

    The underrated star product are pelvic weights, also known as Ben Wa balls. According to Pérez, Ben Wa balls are used as a way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, although some people use them as sex toys. The idea is that, if you have toned the pelvic floor muscles, your orgasms will be more intense.

    Okay, so you're ready to buy a sex toy. What now?

    Haydirocket / Via

    Pérez offered a handful of tips for sex toy beginners:

    1. The price: Start simple. Why would you invest $80 or $100 on something that you don't even know will satisfy you? You can buy something great for $20, $40 or $50, so start off small until you know what you like. That said...

    2. Know what you like: "I always ask my clients for what they want, because there are many types of vibrators: Clitoral, external stimulation or penetrating massagers (and these can be simple, double, G-spot stimulators. There are clients who know they want penetration, and others that prefer to focus on the clitoris. That's a good place to start." Pérez always recommends that you get the chance to touch anything you buy. "The texture and density are very apparent during penetration, so you may want something more flexible, softer and more manageable at the beginning."

    3. Miracles don't exist: Finally, Pérez reminds us that there's no miracle product. "There is no surefire way to have an orgasm ... so focus on what excites you." And have fun!

    This post was translated from Spanish.