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Hey, We're Putting Together A One-Of-A-Kind Financial Wellness Retreat — Wanna Come?

Ever find yourself struggling to keep up with what matters? We’re looking for 50 individuals to join our Better Money Habits Retreat that will help you determine and focus on reaching your goals, all powered by Bank of America!

Tell Us About Your Money Habits And We’ll Help You Improve Your Finances

Your current money habits will reveal which Better Money Habit you could benefit from.

This Millennial Woman Saved $60,000 While Making Less Than $50,000

Meet Emily Deas, one of the #BetterMoneyHabits 50 Under $50k. Learn how to save like Emily with help from Bank of America.

Here's How One Millennial Freelancer Is Making It Work

Meet Rachel Mosby Carlson, one of the #BetterMoneyHabits 50 Under $50k. Learn how to balance finances and your passions with help from Bank of America.

Meet The Twentysomething Who Makes Saving A Priority

Meet Mandy Pan, one of the #BetterMoneyHabits 50 Under $50k. Learn how to save like Mandy with help from Bank of America.

Meet The Millennial Man Who Bought A House At 25

Meet Peter Starkey, one of the #BetterMoneyHabits 50 Under $50k. See how you can work toward buying a home like Peter with help from Bank of America.

This Millennial Man Is Saving Money For An Engagement Ring

Meet Que Morgan, one of the #BetterMoneyHabits 50 Under $50k. Learn how to save like Que with help from Bank of America.

Inside The 50 Under $50K Camp Better Money Habits

You can get these Camp #BetterMoneyHabits tips and more from Bank of America.

Here’s What Happens When Twentysomethings Go To Camp To Learn Better Money Habits

Inside the first-ever Better Money Habits 50 Under $50k End-Of-Summer Camp.

10 Young People Reveal How They Manage Salaries Of $50,000 Or Less

The Better Money Habits 50 Under $50k is a financial portrait of young America. Discover the go-to financial hacks that are already setting these early-career professionals up for long-term personal financial success.

9 Millennials Share Their Unconventional Career Journeys

Nearly 25% of millennials expect to have eight or more jobs in their working life (!!!). Dive into Bank of America's Better Money Habits® Millennial Report for a look into how millennials are navigating their careers and finances.

Can You Ace This Millennial Money Habits Quiz?

All that avocado toast means they can't possibly be saving any money...right? See if your beliefs on millennials and their money habits hold up.

Can You Relate To Any Of These Millennial Stereotypes?

Some of these might make you say, "Yeah, I'm totally guilty," and that's okay! Not all stereotypes hold true, though. How many of these do you relate to?

How Normal Are The Ways You Handle Your Paycheck?

Whatever your financial approach may be, there's no day like payday! Let Better Money Habits® help you make the most of it.

11 Reasons Your Phone Is Your Best Friend

#Togetha4Eva. We all love our phones. But do they love us back? Let's look at the evidence.

9 Charts That Will Save You Money When You Travel

Do you like to be rewarded for traveling? The Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card lets you earn unlimited 1.5 points per $1 spent on all purchases, plus the flexibility to use points for more than just flights. Click here to learn more.

10 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Saving Money

Saving is easy if you start small. Get the most from your savings by opening a savings account with Bank of America.

14 Reasons Splitting The Bill Is An Absolute Nightmare

"Does everyone have cards?" If you have chronic fear of large birthday dinners, you'll be happy to know that the Bank of America Mobile Banking App can help you bypass all this hassle.

11 Multitasking Devices You Never Knew You Needed

ReadingThisWhileDoingSevenOtherThings. Speed through your day with these savvy inventions, and find even more time by using the Bank of America Mobile Banking App.