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Mamma Mia!

What Really Happens When You're On A Diet

"Why Did I Buy So Many Carrots?"

The Pizza Tattoo Competition At The Pizza Expo

The only rules were it had to be pizza-related and it had to hurt. Winner got $100.

What A Day Is Like At The Biggest Pizza Show In The World

Ever wonder what it's like to spend a day at the biggest pizza show in the world? Well, wonder no more. I sacrificed myself for all of you.

Booth Babes Of The Pizza Expo

Yes, they exist. Industry trade shows are all about grabbing your attention, and the International Pizza Expo is no exception.

Pizza Sweaters

The absolute latest in pizza fashion. Get yours today, just in time for the Pizza Expo!

The Pizza That Cuts Itself

It comes three flavors – "eternal torment," "abysmal darkness," and "cheese."

Frankie Muniz's New Film: "Pizza Man"

I think this is going to really relaunch his career. The world needs more Muniz.

Pizza Hut Is Now Ushering In The End Of Civilization With A "Proposal Package"

This is the way the world ends. And this is what you get.

39 Cats On Pizza Boxes

For cats, pizza boxes offer a heavenly combination of two of their favorite things: boxes and warmth. That is, except most of these pizza boxes are empty (which is probably because the cats already ate the contents).

The 2012 Sexy Pizza Pin-Up Calendar

This is the kind of thing I could never hang at my office desk because I'd spend the entire day salivating, unable to get any real work done. Just in time for National Pizza Week, local NYC pizza joint L'Asso has released the hottest pin-up calendar of the year.

A Pizza Sleeping Bag Is The Greatest Sleeping Bag

This is what Etsy was made for. It's a pizza sleeping bag with toppings as throw pillows. I know. It's the most amazing thing any of us have ever seen.

11 "Special Instructions" For Pizza Delivery Places

Many pizza delivery chains now let you include "special instructions" when you place an order online and apparently they'll adhere to the instructions no matter how inane they seem. I admire their commitment, but I'm really curious how far the envelope can be pushed before they'll stop complying.

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