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15 Badass Recipients Of The Dickin Medal

The Dickin Medal was established by Maria Dickin in 1943 in order to award all the animals that had fought and served the British Empire valiantly during the Second World War. Between 1943 and 1949, the medal was awarded to a total 54 animals: 32 pigeons, 18 dogs, 3 horses, and a cat. It was recently reinstated after the September 11 attacks. Here's some of the most awesome ones.

11 Great Showdowns by Scott Campbell

Great Showdowns is a series of watercolor paintings by artist Scott Campbell that presents us with unique interpretations of some of the greatest pop culture showdowns ever!

Super Mario X-Men

deviantART user basicnoir really got it right with these mashups of Super Mario characters as X-Men superheroes.

10 Retro Heroes You Should Know About

John Carter was a legendary hero who came before Superman and Batman. To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the John Carter legacy, the incredible adventures of this timeless hero are being brought to the big screen in March 2012. Here are other classic heroes that conquered the odds and made way for modern action adventures.

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