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Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene

Jersey Shore Devastated After Hurricane Irene

Jesus. It's really a mess out there.

Watch This Guy Jet Ski Down A NY Street

This jet skiing freak took lemons and made lemonade when Hurricane Irene flooded the streets of Oceanside, NY. Warning: Soundtrack provided by Linkin Park.

Hurricanes Are For Lovers

Potential near-death experiences and Craigslist really bring out the romantic side of people. Something tells me that 9-10 months from now there will be a few love children named Irene joining us on this earth.

Insane Footage Of Historic Flooding In Vermont

No more joking about Irene being a non-event. The governor says the flooding in central and southern Vermont is the worst in over a century. A dozen bridges have been washed away, tens of thousands are without power, and at least two are dead in the tiny New England state. If you'd like to help Vermont and the many other victims of Irene, please make a donation to the Red Cross.

Hurricane Irene By Bike

Late Saturday night, four friends went out on a bike ride to see what the tropical storm was really like. The video starts off with biking during the afternoon drizzle, and resumes during the torrential downpour and high winds, notably biking down the middle of a wholly deserted Times Square and Chinatown. Sweet soundtrack too, guys.

The Most Beautiful New York Hurricane Footage You'll See

Felix Thompson and Brandon Roots of Buffalo Picture House braved the hurricane in hopes of getting some interesting footage. What they ended up with is both beautiful and haunting.

This Video Was Viewed 125,000 Times This Weekend

Recommended by MSNBC, historically documented at Know Your Meme, and statistically tracked by YouTube Trends, "Come On Irene" will either make you laugh or barf.

Obligatory Hurricane Irene-Style "Hitler Responds..."

Like a phoenix, the meme rises from the ashes (or destruction) of Irene to tell us what is really necessary in preparation for a disaster.

Flooding In Vermont Destroys Historic Covered Bridge

Vermont was hit hard by flooding as a result of Hurricane Irene, with roads, bridges, homes and vehicles being washed away by some of the most intense flood waters the state has ever seen. This footage shows the Bartonsville Covered Bridge, a historic landmark built in 1870, being washed away.

The Average Reaction To Hurricane Irene

As someone who has had to battle the elements indoors way too many times, this guy has it oh so right.

Best Of Hurricane Irene Store Signs

Though it was ultimately short-lived, business owners across the east coast were not pleased to close their doors because of Tropical Storm Irene, and used their storefronts to vent frustrations. Here are the best ones.

The Best Of El Bloombito

For those of you outside of NYC, Mayor Bloomberg has been making a lot of live announcements about the hurricane over the last couple days, and he always repeats them in impeccable Spanish. Well... kinda impeccable.

Ron Paul Wants To Abolish FEMA

Hurricane Irene may not have been as disastrous as everyone feared, but that doesn't mean now is the time to get rid of FEMA.

Fox News Reporter Covered In Raw Sewage

When Nickelodeon Studios shut down, I always wondered where they dumped all that slime.

Best Friends Arrested For Rafting In Philadelphia

Pete and Pat were Key West-bound in a raft from Philadelphia (!!), but local police put the clinks on the bros long before they arrived at their tropical destination. After showing face on a local newscast, the river rats were arrested just minutes after "for lack of common sense," the officers said.

New York Responds To Hurricane Irene

Most of the city may have shut down, but some New York bars were still in full swing during the hurricane. And the ones that weren't had a couple of words for good 'ol Irene.

10 Photos Of Irene's Aftermath In New York City

Flooding, tree branches, winds, oh my! Taken around the lower Manhattan area, these photos show the "catastrophic" aftermath of Irene's great force.

The Internet Responds To Hurricane Irene

Now that Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene is behind us, let's get to what's really important: what the Internet thought about it. Facebook and Twitter users were constantly updating their pages during the storm, and from the looks of it, they were pretty furious about it.

Long Island Prepper "Never Been More Ready For Anything"

"On any other occasion, I would certainly go for the full flavored Yuengling," he said. "But I am trying to maximize my buoyancy."

What Hurricane Irene Looks Like Right Now

Here she is, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Awesome Hurricane Prepper

In Baltimore the streets are empty, and the bars are full.

Oyster Bar's Hurricane Operating Hours

The seafood lovers of Wilmington, North Carolina, applaud you.

Tomb Sentinel Soaked But Vigilant

Disregard hurricanes. Acquire reverence. Despite Irene drenching the Arlington Cemetery, this lone sentinel does his duty. A member of The Old Guard has walked this route every day without fail since April of 1948.

To All The Fine Girls In Zone A

Geoffrey has a cozy spot in Williamsburg and is totally stocked up on bottled water and Fig Newtons. What more could you possible want?

Hurricane Irene Rain Dance

More East Coast dudes display their wacky antics to either disprove Hurricane Irene's media sensationalism or simply because hopping around barefoot in a tropical thunderstorm is totally boss.

Howard Stern Wack Packer Pranks Raleigh/Durham Newscast

Notorious prank caller and "Howard Stern Show" wack packer Captain Janks got the better of two Raleigh/Durham news anchors during a Hurricane Irene segment. Bababooey to you all. (via.)

SoHo: Amazing Pics Of Irene Prep

BuzzFeed's neighborhood is already fully prepared for the wrath of Hurricane Irene, and SoHo is basically a ghost town. Check out the scene with Irene only hours away.

Boston Terrier Protects Owner In Virginia

Hurricane Irene has arrived but no worries.

Weather Channel Streakers In Virginia Beach

Some bros in Virginia Beach are having way too much fun today. (via.)

The Official Hurricane Playlist (Add Yours!)

Let's make one right now. Add a video of an appropriately weather-related song in the comments so that we can assemble the ultimate hurricane playlist. Let's do this!

The Official Hurricane Irene Drinking Game

It's very easy. And you will be WASTED.

Irene Is Causing First World Problems

These people are really the suffering. Oh, the horror!

What's In Your Hurricane Preparedness Kit?

According to multiple media reports, panic-stricken New Yorkers are mobbing store shelves in anticipation of Hurricane Irene. We ventured into the streets of SoHo to see what sort of crucial survival supplies jittery Manhattanites are hoarding so that they might weather the storm. What's in YOUR hurricane preparedness kit?

These People Win At Hurricane Irene Preparation

They're ready for hurricanes and so much more.

This Is How Big Hurricane Irene Is [NSFL]

Okay, now I am truly terrified.

President Obama: "We Have To Be Prepared For The Worst"

President Obama speaks from Martha's Vineyard about the impending landfall of Hurricane Irene and the federal government's preparation for what could be a historic storm. Takeaway: Get ready. NOW.

How A Hurricane Gets Its Name

The more you know. Here's hoping Irene won't warrant a lobby to retire her name.

10 Ways The Hurricane Could Improve New York City

So the hurricanepocalypse is fast approaching and people are freaking out. I'm here to say that I for one welcome our new rain-god overlords. The hurricane might actually improve some things.

How New Yorkers Are Getting Ready For The Hurricane

Come on, world. Buy beer not vodka. Jeeeez.

20 Photos Of What New York City Is Going To Look Like During Hurricane Irene

This is what New York City will look like when hurricane Irene hits.

23 Photos Of Devastation After New England Hurricane Of 1938

The most destructive hurricane to hit New England in the last two hundred years. Making landfall as a Category 3, the Long Island Express (hurricanes weren't named at the time) killed over 600 people and destroyed more than 57,000 homes.

10 Things You Should Know About New York City And Hurricanes

BE AFRAID. Here are 10 facts about hurricanes that have hit New York City and New England. Prepare for the worst, people!

Hurricane Irene Starts Getting Real

The girl responsible in the '90s for the slap heard 'round the world is totally my favorite Irene reference.

Shark Swims Down Street In Puerto Rico

If this is happening in Puerto Rico, I can't even imagine what's going to show up on the streets of New York when Hurricane Irene hits.

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