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Exam Time

Exam Time

Can You Pass A Year 12 Health/PE Exam?

Well, the multiple choice part at least.

19 Tumblr Posts About Year 12 Exams That Will Make You Laugh Then Cry

You're probably reading this when you should be studying.

Can You Pass A Year 12 Chemistry Exam?

Let's hope you can be like oxygen and potassium and do OK.

Can You Pass A Year 12 General Maths Exam?

[Extreme student voice]: "OK but how much of this will we actually use after school?"

19 Emotions Everyone Goes Through During Exams

I can't stop crying. And eating. And crying while eating.

19 Things You Know If You Studied A Second Language In High School


Can You Pass A Senior Ancient History Exam?

Well... at least section one?

17 Kick-Ass Study Tricks That Actually Work

Make studying less painful with these easy tips.

17 Things Not To Say To Year 12 Students Right Now

I am stressed AF, please stop talking.

19 Times Mr G Was You During Exam Time

"I go crazy sometimes. I just let loose."

17 People Who Failed Their Exams But Still Won At Life

Who says an F defines what you become?

14 Things People Wish They Knew Before Their Final Exams

BuzzFeed staff share their advice to their younger selves.

11 Things English Exam Markers Wish You Knew

They really just want you to get the best marks possible.

What Are Your Kick-Ass Study Tips?

How do you make it through exam time?

Just 11 Really Helpful Study Tips From A Memory Expert

A professor of cognitive science shares their tips for remembering the stuff you need to know before an exam.

17 Free iPhone Apps That'll Actually Help You Study

AKA 17 excuses to be on your phone while studying.

23 Study Superstitions That Helped People Pass Exams

Never underestimate the benefits of a good "examwich".

21 Tweets About Studying That Will Actually Make You Laugh

"My favourite study method is crying."

14 Useful Study Hacks That'll Make Your Life A Little Bit Easier

Make study time just that little bit easier for yourself.

20 Study Notes That Are Too Pure For This World

These honestly belong in a museum.

This Is Exactly What You Should Be Eating At Exam Time

While you're studying, the night before your exam, and just before you take that test.

What Are Your Weird Study Superstitions?

C'mon, we all have them.

What Did You Do On Your Gap Year?

Going straight to university isn't for everyone.

Tell Us How You Failed Your Exams But Won At Life

Exams aren't the be-all-end-all.

17 Ways To Make Your Study Space Somewhere You Actually Want To Be

If you have to study, you may as well do it in style.

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