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14 Things People Wish They Knew Before Their Final Exams

BuzzFeed staff share their advice to their younger selves.

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1. "Don't talk to anyone right before the exam (it'll psych you out)."

All images by Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

2. "In five years, literally no one will care how you went in your exams."

3. "Life experience is more important than book smarts."

4. "Learn how to code, or study IT. That's where the money is."

5. "Literally no one asks about your marks by January."

6. "The summer after exams is the best. You have so much to look forward to!"

7. "Pick your uni course wisely...'cause that shit's expensive! And haunts you forever!"

8. "Once an exam is over, let it go!"

9. "Future employers never look at your exam scores - so don't stress and have fun!"

10. "Tinder doesn't ask for your ATAR..."

11. "You don't actually use any of it at your job."

12. "None of this matters because early entry, bayyy-bayyy!"

13. "You know more than you think you do."

14. "Get off BuzzFeed and study."

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