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17 Things Not To Say To Year 12 Students Right Now

I am stressed AF, please stop talking.

1. "These exams will decide the path for the rest of your life."


I mean, the rest of my life? Really?

2. "It'll be over before you know it!"


Not soon enough though.

3. "You won't even remember what it was like in a year or two."

Screen Gem

Fantastic, but that doesn't help me right now.

4. "It doesn't mean anything in the real world."


Can you tell me why I'm even bothering then? What's with all the contradictory messages?!

5. "I don't even remember my ATAR (or equivalent)."


Great, but also everyone will be asking me about it for at least a whole month afterwards.

6. "Your final marks won't even matter."

YouTube: JennaMarbles

It may be true down the track, but they feel like they matter a WHOLE lot right now.

7. "High school years are the best of your life."


... please don't tell me that.

8. "If you think Year 12 exams are bad, wait until university."

Comedy Central

Again, not helpful.

9. "How many hours a day are you studying?"


Will probably add more hours now to escape these questions.

10. "Oh cool, I'm studying a few more than that a day."



11. "What are your related texts?"


Unfortunately not back-to-back series of Real Housewives.

12. "How did you find that exam?"

Warner Bros.

Bad. Like the rest of them.

13. "Wait, did you get this answer? Oh you didn't. Oh. Well."

Oh fuck.

14. "What final mark do you want?"



15. "Are you taking a gap year?"



16. "What do you want to do at uni?"



17. "Don't stress too much, it's just a test."


Oh awesome, I'll just switch my stress button off right now.

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