Which Indestructible Metal Is Actually The Strongest?

    Doing battle with a cosmic being? Need to protect yourself from giant spiders? Fighting against the forces of time itself? Make sure the indestructible metal you're using to protect yourself can actually hold up against the threat.

    12. Mithril

    What is Mithril?

    Mithril is a silver-like metal found in the Lord of the Rings books that is described as being "a metal, light and yet harder than tempered steel. Its beauty was like to that of common silver, but the beauty of mithril did not tarnish or grow dim."

    Where is Mithril used?

    - The most notable use of Mithril is the mithril-coat which Thorin Oakenshield gave to Bilbo Baggins after defeating the dragon Smaug.

    What is weaker than Mithril?

    - Most modern metals, such as steel and titanium.

    - Melee weapons.

    - Spider fangs.

    What is stronger than Mithril?

    - Extreme heat and cold.

    - Dark Magics.

    - The fictional alloy Tilkal.

    - The fictional alloy Galvorn.

    - The fires of Mount Doom.

    Is Mithril the strongest fictional metal?

    No. Far from it. Listen, Mithril is strong, but there are even materials within the Lord of the Rings universe stronger than the substance, such as the alloys Tilkal and Galvorn. Even with the magical aspects of Tolkein's universe taken into account, Mithril is still an alloy created by living beings, and living beings who have not reached modern levels of technological development. At the end of the day, Mithril probably doesn't stand a chance against most other fictional metals.

    Even the fires of Mount Doom can destroy Mithril, which for all intents and purposes is just super-heated rock.

    11. Organic Steel

    What is Organic Steel?

    Organic Steel is a steel-like substance that occurs naturally in the body of some mutants. Organic Steel is capable of withstanding impacts from large caliber bullets, falls from great heights, collisions with large vehicles moving very fast, and even massive explosions.

    Where is Organic Steel used?

    -The X-man Colossus is most notable for his ability to transform into a strong Organic Steel form.

    What is weaker than Organic Steel?

    - Most naturally occurring metals.

    - Bullets.

    - Rust.

    What is stronger than Organic Steel?

    - Vibranium. (The Savage Land anti-metal variety, at least.)

    - Cyclops' optic blasts.

    - A punch from Iron Fist.

    - Wolverine's Adamantium claws. (Sometimes.)

    - Carbonadium.

    - Uru.

    - Extreme heat or cold.

    Is Organic Steel the strongest fictional metal?

    No. Even in his Organic Steel form, Colossus has been sliced open tons of times. Sometimes Wolverine's claws have gotten through, sometimes they haven't. Sometimes he bleeds pure energy, sometimes he bleeds blood. It all depends on who is writing him, but it seems that all writers agree that Organic Steel doesn't stand up against much.

    10. Galactic Glaze

    What is Galactic Glaze?

    Galactic Glaze is the impenetrable substance that heralds of Galactus are coated with when they are imbued with the Power Cosmic. Since the Galactic Glaze is essentially just the Power Cosmic made tangible, it may not strictly be a metal, and it may not strictly adhere to the normal laws of physics.

    Where is Galactic Glaze used?

    - The Silver Surfer is a being made of pure energy, coated with the Galactic Glaze. It's what gives him his silver skin. Likewise, Silver Surfer's signature board is coated with the same substance.

    What is weaker than Galactic Glaze?

    - Most metals.

    - Uru.

    - Physics, as we know it.

    What is stronger than Galactic Glaze?

    - Cable's techno-organic arm.

    - Wolverine's Adamantium claws.

    - The Hulk.

    Is Galactic Glaze the strongest fictional metal?

    Tough to say, but probably not. Silver Surfer and his cosmic surf board have been broken several times, but because the Power Cosmic doesn't necessarily have the same physical properties as actual metals, it's not clear whether the instances of the board breaking or Silver Surfer sustaining damage actually mean that the Galactic Glaze is being broken or torn. It could just be the Power Cosmic giving the impression of being damaged, as evidenced by the fact that any damage sustained is always instantly repaired telekinetically by Silver Surfer.

    9. Phrik

    What is Phrik?

    Phrik is a metal that exists in the Star Wars universe that is known for being nearly indestructible, and one of the few substances that can withstand a lightsaber strike. A vessel made of Phrik was on the surface of Alderaan when the Death Star blew the planet up, and was later found intact in the remaining rubble.

    Where is Phrik used?

    - The IG-100 MagnaGuards use Phrik in their electrostaffs.

    - Emperor Palpatine's lightsaber is made of Phrik.

    - The armor of dark troopers is made out of Phrik.

    What is weaker than Phrik?

    - The charged-plasma beam of a lightsaber.

    - The Death Star's superlaser.

    - The destruction of a planet.

    What is stronger than Phrik?

    - Extreme heat or cold.

    - 8D Series Smelting Droids

    Is Phrik the strongest fictional metal?

    No. While extremely durable, Phrik is still a naturally occurring element, and can be smelted like most natural elements. It may be able to hold up to the destruction of a planet, but at the end of the day, a basic 8D Series Smelting Droid is all you need to deal with Phrik.

    8. Supermanium

    What is Supermanium?

    Supermanium is a metal discover by Superman in the heart of a star. For a time, it was claimed that Supermanium was the hardest metal in the known universe, and was as indestructible as Superman himself. Initially, Superman was the only being capable of smelting and shaping Supermanium, but later Lex Luthor and Braniac started using the materials.

    Where is Supermanium used?

    - The golden door and arrow-shaped key of the Fortress of Solitude.

    - Superman's Supermobile.

    - A prison designed by Lex Luthor.

    What is weaker than Supermanium?

    - Most modern weapons.

    - Most fictional weapons.

    - Basic smelting processes.

    What is stronger than Supermanium?

    - Lex Luthor's advanced smelting process.

    - Superman's heat vision.

    - The intense heat within the cores of stars.

    Is Supermanium the strongest fictional metal?

    No. Supermanium is tough, but Lex Luthor figured out how to smelt the stuff, so it can't be that tough. Superman is also able to melt the metal and reshape it using his heat vision, which he did in order to create the great door and golden key for the Fortress of Solitude, which has been broken into dozens of times. Some security system.

    7. Scrith

    What is Scrith?

    Scrith is the milky-gray translucent, nearly frictionless material that forms the walls and floor of the Ringworld in Larry Niven's Ringworld. It is said that Scrith was artificially produced by transmutation of matter, and is nearly impervious to most weapons. Scrith absorbs heat and radiation exceptionally well (it blocks as many neutrinos as a light year of lead), and has the tensile strength of a strong nuclear force.

    Where is Scrith used?

    -The walls and floors of the Ringworld.

    What is weaker than Scrith?

    - Most real, modern metals.

    - Most weaponry.

    - Radiation and heat.

    What is stronger than Scrith?

    - Anything with enough kinetic energy. If a comet or asteroid is moving fast enough, it could warp or even rend Scrith upon impact.

    Is Scrith the strongest fictional metal?

    No. But it's pretty damn strong. In order for the Ringworld to stay intact while it spins around its sun, the metal it's composed of has to be extremely durable. But there's a slight design flaw when you're dealing with with Scrith, since any comet that happens to collide with a Ringworld structure could damage the metal and destroy the delicate structure. It's tough, but it since it can't hold up to a measly asteroid strike, it's far from the toughest.

    6. Carbonadium

    What is Carbonadium?

    Carbonadium is a substance that was accidentally created as scientists were trying to recreate Adamantium. It is nearly as strong as True Adamantium, but has flaws that make it both malleable and highly radioactive. Because of its instability, Carbonadium is highly toxic, and can even inhibit the healing factors of mutants such as Wolverine.

    Who uses Carbonadium?

    - Omega Red's coils are made out of Carbonadium.

    - Moon Knight's armor is made mostly out of Carbonadium.

    What is weaker than Carbonadium?

    - Most naturally occurring metals.

    - Organic Steel.

    - Organic anything.

    - Mutant healing factors.

    What is stronger than Carbonadium?

    - True Adamantium, technically.

    - The Muramasa Blade

    Is Carbonadium the strongest fictional metal?

    No. As a Soviet knock-off of True Adamantium, Carbonadium just doesn't hold up against some of the other fictional metals in the Marvel Universe. One things it definitely has going for it is its toxic radioactivity, which makes it a force to be reckoned with when properly weaponized.

    5. Adamantium

    What is Adamantium?

    Adamantium is an alloy that was created when a scientist was attempting to recreate the fictional metal used in Captain America's shield, Vibranium. It's not clear what exactly Adamantium is composed of, but there are very few substances that can hold up to weaponized Adamantium, and even fewer substances that can damage Adamantium. There are several kinds of Adamantium, including True Adamantium, Secondary Adamantium, and Beta Adamantium.

    Where is Adamantium used?

    - Wolverine's skeleton and claws are laced with Adamantium.

    - Gambit's staff is made out of Adamantium.

    - Ultron's outer casing is Adamantium.

    What is weaker than Adamantium?

    - Naturally occurring metals.

    - Extreme heat and cold.

    - Organic steel. (Most of the time.)

    - Atomic blasts.

    What is stronger than Adamantium?

    - The Muramasa Blade.

    - The Vibranium alloy of Captain's America's shield

    - The Uru of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

    - The Hulk.

    - Magnetism.

    Is Adamantium the strongest fictional metal?

    No. Even True Adamantium is susceptible to natural forces like magnetism and advanced smelting processes. Wolverine's famed indestructible skeleton and claws have taken damage several times, and there are substances in the Marvel universe that even Wolverine can't cut his way through. The Secondary variety of Adamantium seems to be susceptible to quite a bit of damage.

    4. Uru

    What is Uru?

    Uru is the mythical Asgardian metal that makes up Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. The enchanted metal of the hammer can only be wielded by those deemed worthy, is capable of returning to its owner when called, and can summon lightning from the sky. Because Uru is created by god-like creatures, and because of the enchantments placed upon the metal, it is unrivaled by most natural and man-made substances.

    Where is Uru used?

    - Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

    - Odin's spear, Gungnir.

    - Beta Ray Bill's hammer, Stormbreaker

    - Thunderstrike's mace, ThunderStrike

    - Tony' Stark's Thorbuster armor.

    What is weaker than Uru?

    - Vibranium, with the power of Odinforce to back it up.

    - Adamantium. (At least Secondary Adamantium.)

    - The Hulk, on most occasions.

    What is stronger than Uru?

    - The force beam and armor of the Asgardian Destroyer.

    - Massive amounts of celestial energy.

    - The dark god Perrikus' magical scythe.

    - The Uru weapons of Loki's storm giants.

    Is Uru the strongest fictional metal?

    Probably not. Thor's hammer gets damaged all the time. However, like other mythical or cosmic metals on this list, Uru doesn't seem to follow the same rules as other man-made and naturally occurring elements, giving it a pretty high rating when it comes to indestructible metals. Add to that the fact that even Galactus cannot lift Mjolnir due to its enchantments, and Uru is definitely a contender.

    3. The Muramasa Blade

    What is the Muramasa Blade?

    Forged by a famous blademaster called Muramasa, the Muramasa Blade is made from an unknown substance, and is said to contain a fragment of Wolverine's own soul. The Muramasa Blade is capable of cutting through metals previous thought to be indestructible. It's theorized "plasmic form" allows the blade to slice through substances on a molecular level. The blade also has some magical properties that inhibits healing factors and other supernatural healing abilities.

    Where is the Muramasa Blade used?

    - The first Muramasa Blade is in possession of the Silver Samurai, but hasn't been seen in years.

    - The second Muramasa Blade is in possession of Wolverine, and is used as a contingency plan should he ever lose control.

    What is weaker than the Muramasa Blade?

    - All naturally occurring metals.

    - Adamantium.

    - Healing Factors.

    - Cyclops' optic beams.

    What is stronger than the Muramasa Blade?

    - Psychic shields.

    Is the Muramasa Blade the strongest fictional metal?

    Maybe. It's definitely up there, but it hasn't been used extensively enough to know for sure. It can take down Wolverine with his Adamantium skeleton, Omega Red with his Carbonadium coils, and S.H.I.V.A.'s indestructible frame, but it's never gone up against the likes of Captain America's shield, or Thor's hammer, so it's hard to call it the strongest metal in all of fiction.

    2. Vibranium

    What is Vibranium?

    Vibranium is an extremely rare extraterrestrial metallic ore that exist in two forms. The first can be found in a deposit in the fictional country Wakanda, and is capable of absorbing vibration and kinetic force entirely, making it the most durable metal in the known universe. The second variety of Vibranium only exists within the Savage Land, and is also known as "anti-metal." Anti-metal generates a vibration that breaks down any other natural and man-made metal it comes into contact with.

    Where is Vibranium used?

    - Captain America's shield is an unknown alloy of Vibranium and unnatural iron.

    - Black Panther has Vibranium sewn into the mesh of his suit.

    What is weaker than Vibranium?

    - Superman.

    - The Hulk.

    - The Power Cosmic.

    - Wolverine's Adamantium claws.

    - Ultron's Adamantium shell.

    - Virtually everything in the natural world.

    What is stronger than Vibranium?

    - A blow from Mjolnir with the full Odinforce behind it.

    - Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet.

    - The Serpent.

    - Vibranium cancer.

    - Magnetism, on occasion.

    Is Vibranium the strongest fictional metal?

    Possibly. Captain America's Vibranium alloy shield has been broken and melted before, but it's often corrupted, false versions of the shield, or it occurs in impossible alternate realities that end up never being true reality. It's tough to say for sure, since comic books are insane, but it seems as though Captain America's shield has only ever broken a few times, and it's always managed to be quickly repaired.

    1. Amazonium

    What is Amazonium?

    Amazonium is the former name for the mythical metal that makes up Wonder Woman's bracelets. The bracelets are made from Zeus' shield, Aegis, and are imbued with all the power of the gods. The metal seems to only exist within Wonder Woman's bracelets, and has never been recreated by man or god alike.

    Where is Amazonium used?

    - Wonder Woman's Bracelets of Victory

    What is weaker than Amazonium?

    - Darkseid's rays.

    - Nekron's force.

    - Superman's heat vision.

    - The all-powerful Spectre.

    - The full force of the entire greek pantheon.

    - Literally everything.

    What is stronger than Amazonium?

    - In non-canonical stories, Superman's punches.

    - In canonical stories, nothing.

    Is Amazonium the strongest fictional metal?

    Probably. Wonder Woman's bracelets have only ever been broken one time, after an enraged superman landed several direct blows on them, and that story has since been retconned. The bracelets have only been seen being damaged or destroyed when they have been de-powered or replaced with non-powered duplicates. Comic book continuity makes it difficult to be definitive, but Amazonium seems to be the only substance in fiction that has truly never been damaged by any natural or unnatural force.