21 Things That Accurately Sum Up How You Feel After Last Night’s “Game Of Thrones”

Sweet, delicious spoilers inside.

Did you watch Game of Thrones last night? As soon as you saw it was King Joffrey’s wedding day, you probably felt a little like this:

It seems like this asshole’s good fortune never ends.

HBO / giphy.com

Until this moment:

1. Most of the deaths on the show make you feel like this:

2. But this one made you feel like a baby experiencing bubbles for the FIRST time:

3. You probably feel a lot like Tyrion doing a dance:

4. Or Kristen Bell about to meet a sloth:

5. You probably feel a lot like Jon Snow at a hockey game:

6. Or Peter Dinklage riding a scooter:


7. You might feel a little like this guy:

8. Or this goat

9. You probably feel like Hodor and Khol Drogo doing duckface:

10. Or like Joffrey meeting the ONLY thing you didn’t hate in his life:

11. You probably feel a lot like Varys with a FRESH head of hair:

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

12. Or this baby that just found out about Superman for the first time:

13. You probably feel a lot like the Lannisters in happier times:

14. Or like this clumsy kid:

15. You probably feel a lot like DJ Hodor:

16. Or like a person about to be hit with a three tons of confetti:

17. Or like Jamie sprinting for some pie:

18. You might even feel like King Joffrey on his wedding day. Oh wait…

HBO / giphy.com

19. But try not to dwell on the negative, and instead, reflect on the good moments we shared…

20. RIP King Joffrey. Everyone hated you.


… and that’s dead.

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