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11 Quizzes From This Week That Are Pretty Darn Entertaining

From teen dramas to Disney to...eggs?

The very best BuzzFeed quizzes of the week
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

1. This Is — I Cannot Stress This Enough — The Easiest Movie Knowledge Quiz Of All Time

Universal / Marvel

Have you seen a movie? Good. It's time to test what you know. Take the quiz here.

2. Most People Have Trouble Naming 19/25 Of These Types Of Clothing ⁠— Do You?

Paramount / Marvel

You probably have most of these in your closet. Take the quiz here.

3. Get Dressed For A Day In 2009 And We'll Tell You What You'll Look Like In 2029


People wear significantly less bandleader jackets now. Take the quiz here.

4. Most People Have Trouble Naming These Disney Sidekicks, Do You?


Snowmen, meerkats, and dragons. Oh my! Take the quiz here.

5. You Can Remove 1 Character From Each Of These Teen Dramas – Who Do You Choose?

The CW

Someone from Gossip Girl has got to go. But who? Take the quiz here.

6. Most People Can't Identify 10 Ways To Prepare Eggs — Can You?


Broiled or baked? Can you tell the difference? Take the quiz here.

8. Even If You've Never Seen "Friends," You'll Probably Still Pass This Quiz


This is definitely on the easier side. Take the quiz here.

10. Most Americans Can’t Identify 15/20 Of These British Celebs – Can You?


How well do you know famous folks from across the pond? Take the quiz here.

11. Which "Hamilton" And Disney Characters Are You A Perfect Combo Of?

Disney+ / Disney

Let's have a look and see. Take the quiz here.

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