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May 22, 2020

If You're Bored, These Excellent Quizzes Are The First Things You Should Do

Take a scroll through some fun!

Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

2. Only A "Twilight" Expert Can Make It To Level 20 On This Never-Ending Quiz

Summit Entertainment

Time for everyone's second Twilight phase. Take the quiz here.

3. Only 11% Of People Can Guess All 13 Countries Based On Their Brain Teasers

Paramount / Getty

What do you get when you add "A" to a cube? Take the quiz here.

4. This Disney Trivia Quiz Only Ends When You Get One Wrong


It's not hard. Just focus! Take the quiz here.

5. Please Tell Me You're Not Putting Ketchup On More Than 12 Of These Foods

Getty / NBC

I don't make the rules. Take the quiz here.

7. If You Can Answer 8/10 Of These Questions Correctly, You Have A Lot Of Random Knowledge

Leonardo Da Vinci / Getty

Let's see what you can do. Take the quiz here.

8. I Bet You Don’t Know The Fourth "Harry Potter" Movie As Well As You Thought You Did: Test Yourself With This Quiz

Warner Bros.

Do you know your grindylows from your hinkypunks? Take the quiz here.

9. How Many '90s One-Hit Wonders Do You Still Remember?

RCA / Universal / Republic / Lautstark / Slash / Bliss Corporation

Chumbawumba! Kris Kross! "Teenage Dirtbag"! The '90s were wild. Take the quiz here.

10. Most People Can't Name 12/15 Of These Bestselling Novels From Just Their Cover — Can You?

Vintage Books / Scholastic

As someone who has read the Harry Potter series seven times, I don't need the words to tell which book it is. Take the quiz here.

11. We Know Your Age Based On The Luxury Apartment You Design

Disney / Getty

It's time to get fancy! Take the quiz here.

12. This Word Test Will Reveal Your Actual Age With 99.9% Accuracy

NBC / BuzzFeed

The words don't lie. Take the quiz here.

13. You Have To Choose Whether Each Of These Celebs Are A-List Or B-List


Are they famous enough for A? Take the quiz here.

14. You're Not Allowed To Listen To Music If You Can't Identify 12/24 Of These Legendary Artists


I mean, it's going to be pretty sad if you can't score over 50%. Take the quiz here.

15. Your Dessert Opinions Will Determine Your Best And Worst Quality


The sweets know all. Take the quiz here.

16. Sorry, But Only A Serious "One Tree Hill" Fan Can Get 25/30 On This Quiz

The CW

"Don't say I never gave you anything." Take the quiz here.

17. These Are The Most Popular TV Shows Of The Past 60 Years — How Many Have You Seen?


If you've seen more than half, I'll be very, very impressed. Take the quiz here.

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