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    19 TV Couples That People Really, Really Wish Didn't Break Up

    "That ship has sailed."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the TV couple's breakup that made them scream, "Nooooooo!" Well, they definitely came through with the breakups that hit us all right in the feels:

    1. "Robin and Barney on How I Met Your Mother."


    "I'm still not over it. Can't talk about it. Very bitter about it. It hurt me more than my own divorce."


    "They built them into this quirky, perfect couple over the course of several seasons only to make them fall apart in one scene."


    2. "Luke and Lorelai on Gilmore Girls."

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    "They obviously ended up together again, but when Lorelai couldn't even get out of bed my heart was torn in HALF."


    "I was watching it while going through a hard breakup, and when Lorelai begged him to come over because she missed her best friend, I lost it."


    "I have never resonated with a character post break-up more than that episode."


    3. "Jackson and April on Grey's Anatomy."


    "I hate when characters break up over not communicating something majorly important. Having their relationship fall apart after losing a child was heartbreaking, but for April to keep her second pregnancy a secret while signing divorce papers? LAME!"


    "My husband and I lost a child, and we fought hard to make it through it together. It would have been nice to see that represented in the show."


    4. "Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World."


    "When Corey and Topanga broke up because she didn’t believe in love anymore after her parents' divorce, it killed me."—kelsiedayneo

    "The one when Topanga’s parents get divorced was so sad and relatable! I still get emotional about it." —littlecuhai

    5. "Nick and Jess on New Girl."


    "When Nick and Jess broke up on New Girl, I was so sad I stopped watching." —saram4c8b760ff

    "They are a much better couple than Cece and Schmidt, especially considering that Schmidt cheated on Cece. I thought Nick and Jess could be one of those couples that never broke up, but instead they had so many awful plot lines revolving around their breakup instead of having them learn how to grow for each other."


    6. "Buffy and Angel."

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    "Buffy's face when she told Willow she felt like she couldn’t breathe just made me so sad. They even had to close the set so Sarah Michelle Gellar could calm down and stop crying."


    "I was 10 years old, and SO upset!" —Meggle

    7. "Chidi and Eleanor from The Good Place."


    "I get why it had to happen, but I'm not over it."


    "When Michael shows them the montage of their relationship through all of the reboots and they have to watch themselves fall in love over and over again, knowing they have to break up afterwards? I was bawling."


    8. "Blaine and Kurt on Glee."


    "I was devastated, because I really felt seen with those two, and their love was so pure."


    9. "Monica and Richard on Friends."

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    "Nothing hurts my heart like watching Monica process the end of her relationship with Richard."


    10. "Finn and Rachel on Glee."


    "Even though they broke up and got back together a couple times, they always made me so sad whenever they broke up. And when he died and she got ‘Finn’ tattooed on her, I was bawling."


    "I know Ryan Murphy had the show mapped out for them to end up together again in the end, but Cory Monteith died before that ever happened, which made it that much more sad. When I rewatch the show, I can’t go past season 3."


    11. "Joel and Midge on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel."


    "The phone call in season two when she's in Paris just gutted me — I full on sobbed. I understand where he's coming from, and I do like Benjamin, but dude. They belong together."


    12. "Brian and Justin on Queer As Folk."


    "It's been 14 years, and I'm still bitter about it. They went through so much shit together, and grew as people. And when Brian finally admitted to loving Justin after five years and a lifelong fear of commitment, they broke up so Justin could go off to New York, leaving Brian an aging club boy. Miss me with that bullshit."


    "I still can't watch season five. I just quit at the end of season four, and live in blissful denial thinking that they stay together forever and have good hair."


    13. "Pacey and Andie on Dawson's Creek."

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    "I just loved them together, and I felt like he understood her in a way that he never understood Joey. They made each other better people."—mattyc3

    14. "Callie and Arizona on Grey's Anatomy."


    "It literally crushed me."—emilyu4d74b7cd9

    15. "Steve and Nancy on Stranger Things."


    "Don’t get me wrong, I love Nancy and Jonathan as a couple. But Nancy’s whole 'it’s bullshit' speech to Steve in the bathroom at the Halloween party was so sad. Steve was obviously in love with her and devastated by what she said. And then she moved on from him so quickly!"


    16. "Daenerys and Jon from Game of Thrones."


    "I know Daenerys really turned evil in the last season, but it was still so sad to see the one person she had left in the world was the one that killed her."


    17. "Rory and Dean from Gilmore Girls."

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    "He was so good to her, and she basically cheated on him!"


    "They broke up in the middle of a town event, when both of them were sleep deprived, and in front of the entire town, including the guy Dean thought Rory would rather be with! Dean knew how important the Dance Marathon was to Rory, and the fact that he broke up with her in the middle of the dance floor causing her to come in second place to Kirk makes the whole thing so cringy. I can barely get through the scene — t's so awkward and not at all what either of them deserved."


    18. "Carrie and Aidan on Sex and the City."


    "When Carrie messed everything up with Aidan, it was so infuriating! I watched it in my early teens and even as an inexperienced dater of men, I still knew what a moron she was for messing things up with him. He. Was. Perfect."


    19. "Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan on Grey's Anatomy."


    "Lexie and Mark's break up on Grey's Anatomy was the worst TV break up. That shit hurt right in the feels. You could see they still loved each other and all I wanted was for them to be together. WHYYYYYY?!"


    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.