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    21 People Revealed The Thing They Did At Their Wedding That They Still Stand By 100%

    "Instead of having prepared food in a venue, we set up a tent in our garden and had everyone order their favorite takeout on us!"

    We recently shared a post in which people revealed the things they did at their weddings that they definitely don't regret, and readers in the BuzzFeed Community chimed in with their own wedding decisions they have absolutely no regrets about:

    1. "I don't regret having disposable cameras placed on every table — it led to the best, cheapest, and most genuine wedding pictures."

    2. "I don't regret just giving out donuts as favors. No one needs more junk to take home."

    —¸Amelia Willhite Fischer, Facebook

    3. "I don't regret taking my husband wedding-dress shopping with me. My husband is honest, and I trust his opinion."

    Woman and man admiring a wedding gown on a headless mannequin
    Portra / Getty Images

    4. "I don't regret not walking down the aisle to the traditional 'Wedding March.' We chose a song from La La Land, and it was perfect."

    —Jocelyn Monroy-Saavedra, Facebook

    5. "We got married in September 2020 with a lot of restrictions, so instead of having prepared food in a venue, we set up a tent in our back garden and invited everyone to order their favorite takeout on us! It was super stress-free, and everyone got to eat the food they wanted."


    6. "I don't regret not having sex on our wedding night. We were both so exhausted and drunk that we ended up just getting undressed and passing out in each other's arms."


    7. "I'm happy we didn't do a seating chart, especially since I've been to weddings where people's feelings were hurt because they were tucked into a corner or something."

    8. "I don't regret choosing not to have a wedding party. I only had to worry about myself and my husband, and I didn't make my friends spend money on a dress they'd wear once."

    —Rachael Hubbard, Facebook

    9. "My cultural wedding had an eight-course dinner, and I knew everyone would be stuffed by dessert time — so my favorite wedding decision was getting a small cake to cut for the reception and just ordering a sheet cake to divide up into to-go boxes for all the guests. That way, everyone who normally has 'skipped the cake' regrets at bedtime had a piece waiting for them!"


    10. "I don't regret letting my bridesmaids pick their own dress so everyone felt comfortable and beautiful."

    11. "I walked my damn self down the aisle. I don't have a good relationship with either of my parents, and it would have been awkward if they walked me. But they were cool about it, and all eyes were on me!"


    12. "I don't regret leaving our reception early to see my grandfather in the hospital. I was still in my dress, and my husband was in his Army blues, and the look on my grandfather's face was my favorite part of my wedding!"


    13. "I don't regret it just being the two of us when we got married. The thought of everyone watching made us both really uncomfortable."

    Woman wearing a bridal tiara and looking at a man
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    "I also don't regret having our reception months after the actual wedding, and it being more of a party where everyone could mix, mingle, eat, and drink, and nobody was stuck at one table all night."


    14. "I don't regret having a kid-free wedding. I've been to so many weddings where kids just run around and take attention away from the bride and groom, and I didn't want that on my big day."


    15. "I don't regret having a $1 dance with our guests at the reception. It was a fantastic way to spend more one-on-one time with our guests and a fun way to get extra money for our honeymoon. And everyone talked about how fun our reception was!"

    16. "I don't regret not obsessively sticking to a set of 'wedding colors.' We got married in the woods in a tree house, so we knew nature would do a lot of the decorating for us."

    "Our bridesmaids wore emerald green outfits of their choice, and my only direction for their hair and makeup was to do whatever made them feel confident and beautiful. And for flowers, we just told our florist to have fun designing bouquets based on whatever local flora were in season. The bouquets came out lovely and full of all kinds of colors and flower varieties I’d never even heard of before. It was honestly so fun to be surprised with the final product!"


    17. "I don't regret doing the traditional vows during our ceremony or writing personal letters to each other to read the morning of the wedding."

    A handwritten "My love"
    Jamie Grill / Getty Images / Tetra Images RF

    18. "I don't regret just ordering a nice white dress online. It fit perfectly, looked fancy, only cost me $180, and I can wear it for other events after the wedding. Spending thousands on a dress you only wear once seemed insane!"


    19. "I don't regret not using a florist for my wedding flowers. Instead, my mother-in-law let me raid her flower beds. My sister-in-law made my bouquet, and it was magnificent."

    Bride holding a small bouquet
    Image Taken by Mayte Torres / Getty Images

    —Kelly Reynolds, Facebook

    20. "I don't regret being somewhat traditional and not letting my husband see me before the wedding. Most people nowadays do the 'first-look photo,' but I wanted his first look to be when I came down the aisle."

    "It was one of my favorite moments, and I will never forget it."


    And finally:

    21. "I got married by Elvis in Las Vegas, and it was amazing. It was small, super fun, and we were laughing and smiling the whole time!"

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.