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    Brides Are Sharing The Things They DON'T Regret Doing At Their Weddings, And It's Fascinating

    "I don't regret not having a cake at our reception. It's too time-consuming and expensive, and almost no one eats it!"

    We recently shared a post in which brides shared their wedding regrets, and they were so spot-on:

    Woman says she regretted caving in to peer pressure and bought a princess wedding dress that she didn't feel beautiful in

    Well, our readers went to the comments section to chime in about the things they definitely don't regret doing at their weddings, and these are equally real:

    1. "I don't regret splurging on a great photographer. Ours had a journalism background, and she spent the night taking pictures of what our wedding night story was β€” she captured all of the hugs, kisses, looks, and dances, with only a few posed photos. So we weren't robotic in poses, but natural in the moment."

    2. "I don't regret not bringing an entourage with me dress shopping β€” I just brought my mom. You don't need that many opinions, and ultimately you need to decide what dress makes you feel comfortable."


    3. "Our best decision was to take group photos right after the ceremony and then leave to take our own photos and eat dinner elsewhere, just the two of us. Everyone else went to the reception for the cocktail hour and dinner, and no one was sitting around waiting for us, so there was no rush. We just had quiet time together to eat interrupted and let the 'married-ness' sink in."

    "We got to the reception just as everyone was finishing dinner, went around to each table to greet everyone, and then the party started!"


    4. "I don't regret not having a cake at our wedding reception. It's time-consuming to take the pictures and do the cutesy feeding-each-other moment. Plus, they're ridiculously expensive and almost no one eats it!"


    5. "I don't regret my father 'giving me away,' not even for a second. He was not a person to talk about feelings, but just as we were getting ready to walk down the aisle, he told me he couldn't have picked a better husband for me. And what he said has stuck with me for the past 32 years."

    6. "Our wedding day was perfect in almost every way because we didn't cave in to tradition or what the industry said we should do. Instead, we had every aspect of the day reflect us! We had pizza for dinner, pie for dessert, and our favorite wines and beers at the bar, and the venue was an alpaca farm! If something didn't feel like 'us,' we just didn't do it!"


    7. "I hate white, and long dresses make me look shorter than I already am, so I'm glad I chose to wear a knee-length silver dress."


    8. "I don't regret skipping the bouquet and garter toss and having a 'couples' dance instead. It was a great way to celebrate our friends and family who had been together for years instead of doing an awkward, sexist game making single people 'chase' something."

    "Plus, I did NOT like the idea of my husband sticking his head up my dress in front of our guests!"


    9. "I'm so happy that we had a 'last dance' just for the two of us. It was so special to have a few minutes alone after a day in front of so many people, and we both treasure it more than we expected to."


    10. "I don't regret having my mom walk me down the aisle instead of my dad. That way, I didn't have to choose between my dad and my stepdad or have both of them β€” who hate each other β€” awkwardly walk me down the aisle together."

    Fg Trade / Getty Images

    "My mom's been with me my whole life! I don't understand why some brides struggle to choose a man to walk with them, when their mother is right there!"


    11. "I'm so glad we greeted guests after the ceremony at the church. We were able to eat dinner, dance, and enjoy our reception together without having to make the rounds and entertain everyone."


    12. "I don't regret waiting a whole year before going on our honeymoon β€” it allowed us time to recuperate financially and physically from our wedding day."

    "This way, we had the time and the money to plan the trip of a lifetime instead of scrambling to plan and save for the honeymoon along with the wedding. Had we done it immediately after the wedding, we wouldn't have been able to travel for as long or do as much as we did."


    13. "The best investment we made for our sanity was a wedding planner. We were able to just enjoy the day and not worry about anything. So many little things went wrong and were resolved, and we didn't even know about them until months β€” and sometimes years! β€” later."


    14. "We didn't invite everyone to our wedding, and that's OK. We wanted a small wedding, so we had a picnic with extended family a few months beforehand instead of inviting them to the actual wedding."

    "It was fun, low-key, there were no gifts, and everyone understood. We actually got to spend more time with them than we did with our wedding guests!"


    15. "I don't regret doing the garter toss β€” one of my favorite photos of my husband came out of that, and the way he's looking at me just makes me melt every time I see it."

    16. "My husband and I saw each other a bunch leading up to our afternoon wedding, just not after I put my dress and veil on. It was a perfect combo for us, because we got both time with each other and the 'big moment' at the ceremony."

    β€”Sam Turley Wilder, Facebook

    17. "We don't regret doing the 'French exit' at our wedding. My wedding photographer friend said he'd never seen anyone do that before, but we just didn't want to spend an hour saying goodbye or have a grand exit. People were still having fun dancing, but we were ready to go, so we did!"


    18. "My partner and I postponed our wedding twice due to the pandemic, so we ended up eloping in the meantime. Even if you want a big wedding, it's one less thing to worry about on the big day. We don't have to worry that we'll break up over wedding planning arguments or leave each other at the altar β€” there's already so much pressure that the security of already being married is something I'm grateful for."

    "Plus, eloping is so sneaky and romantic anyway!"


    19. "I don't regret doing a Rice Krispies treat tower β€” my husband's favorite dessert β€” instead of a groom's cake."


    20. "The best thing we did was have our ceremony in the morning. We got married on the beach in the Dominican Republic, so while photos were being taken, our guests had time to enjoy themselves. Then we all had lunch together and swam all afternoon!"

    Raisazwart / Getty Images/ RooM RF

    "It was so laid-back and really allowed us to share the whole day with our loved ones in a relaxed, happy way."


    21. "I don't regret spending the money to do a test run on my hair. It was exactly what I wanted and held up perfectly in the Southern heat β€” no surprises on the big day!"


    22. "Everyone always says to be sure to schedule time alone with your partner during the night, and I honestly don't get it. We had a blast dancing and taking photo booth pictures with our friends and family, whether we were together in those moments or not. We spent plenty of time together during the night, but we didn't feel we needed to step away from everyone together β€” we still had the best time!"


    23. "I don't regret having our wedding on a Friday. Even though we had some issues with rush hour traffic, it was so much easier to coordinate with vendors!"


    24. "I don't regret uninviting my mom and one of my sisters β€” they are full of drama, we don't get along, and I hadn't spoken to my sister in years!"

    "The drama leading up to the day because I didn't want my sister there was crazy, so I finally had enough and had to tell my mom she was uninvited."


    25. "I'm glad my husband and I went low-key and got married at the local courthouse with just a handful of people present. My husband hates being the center of attention, and I didn't want the pressure of coordinating a big event that would entertain everyone. Almost five years later, we don't regret a thing."

    Tell us more, tell us more! What did you do β€” or skip β€” at your wedding that you definitely don't regret? Tell us (or show us!) in the comments section, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.Β