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    17 Cringeworthy Bridezilla Stories That Will Seriously Get Under Your Skin

    "The bride kicked the groom's best friend out of the wedding because he lived with his girlfriend, and she wanted the entire bridal party to be 'pure.'"

    We recently shared a viral Reddit thread in which bridesmaids told their bridezilla stories, and they were seriously unreal:


    Well, our readers chimed in with some pretty awful bridezilla stories of their own, and these are just as bad:

    1. "One of my closest friends from college had asked me to be her bridesmaid, and during the 'mandatory' bridesmaid meeting, she warned us not to show up at her wedding 'looking like a bunch of coked-out whores.' She meant wearing natural makeup."

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    "She also insisted on pre-approving any hairstyles we thought we wanted at least six months in advance of the wedding, and then stapled the picture of the approved hairstyles to the itineraries we were given at the rehearsal dinner, in case we’d forgotten."


    2. "The bride kicked the groom's lifelong best friend out of the wedding party because he lived with his girlfriend and she wanted her entire wedding party to be 'pure.'"

    "Nevermind that it was her third marriage, and that the first two ended due to her own infidelity. Well, marriage number three ended the same way. But at least the groom and his friend worked past it and are still best friends."


    3. "My cousin made her bridal party — which included my kids —pose for pictures in the pouring rain. She and the groom were the only ones with umbrellas."


    "And then she made the groomsmen carry her over to the reception tent so she didn't ruin her dress in the mud."


    4. "I was maid of honor in my friend's wedding, and she originally wanted to have the wedding on the same day as my brother's wedding. So I politely told her that as much as I loved her, I couldn't be there. Well, she called me a few weeks later and said, 'Since I couldn't have my wedding when I wanted to because of YOU, I decided to have it on your birthday — HAPPY BIRTHDAY!'"


    5. "I had already been to three dress fittings with a bride when, at the last minute, she scheduled a fourth fitting for herself on the same day my sister was coming into town. I told the bride that we were having a family dinner, and she responded that I needed to make her the priority instead..."


    "When I told her I couldn't just drop everything, she told me that in that case, I was no longer required to be a bridesmaid. I didn't even get an invitation to the wedding!"


    6. "I went to a wedding in which the father of the groom died of a massive heart attack. Well, the bride threw a fit and wouldn't let the groom leave with his father! Instead, she insisted that the wedding go on and not 'ruin her night.'"


    7. "The bride was goth, so she insisted on having her wedding as close to Halloween as possible, which is fine, except that she expected all her bridesmaids to learn calligraphy and hand write all of her invitations! We even got hand cramps and burns on our fingers from having to seal them with hot wax!"

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    "When we asked for help, she refused, saying that she had other things to do, so we should just 'get it done!'"


    8. "Three months before my high school best friend's wedding, I ended up in a coma for three-and-a-half weeks and underwent emergency open heart surgery. Well, after I got out of the hospital, I told my friend that I wouldn't be able to be in her wedding, but that I would try to still attend. She responded that she was disappointed God hadn't healed me by then, and said that I 'must not have had enough faith.'"


    9. "I live in Texas, and the rest of the bridal party lived in Michigan. Well, the bride was upset that I was 'too tan' next to her and the other bridesmaids, so everyone was required to get spray tans to match..."


    "Well, the tans ended up staining the dresses on the day of the wedding, and she blamed me for it, saying that I hadn't considered that she was pale, and I obviously just wanted to make myself look better than she did."


    10. "Before my transition, I was a bridesmaid for my best friend, and apparently, she simply expected me to suddenly be 'girlier' for her wedding. She all of a sudden got mad that I had short hair and couldn't wear an updo for her wedding."


    11. "I was in a wedding in which the bride and bridesmaids all had matching dresses. Well, the bride — who was much larger than I am — demanded that my dress be altered to fit her so that the tag on her dress would say my smaller size instead of hers."


    "And then those poor seamstresses had to make her much larger dress smaller to fit me. Shortly after the wedding, I made my exit out of her way-too-dramatic life."


    12. "My friend asked me to literally cut my hair for her wedding, saying that it was too long and would take too long to do."


    13. "I was pregnant and was asked to be in a family member's wedding, which was four weeks from my due date. Well, I went out of state to visit my significant other's family when I was six months pregnant, and received a scathing group email from her, accusing me of not being committed to the wedding because I was 'out spending money on a pointless vacation and baby stuff' instead of ordering my dress."


    "At that point, I knew I needed to get out. So I replied all that it would probably be best if I dropped out as a bridesmaid, and her sister-in-law — who was also pregnant, by the way — chimed in, saying, 'Don't bother. We all know you got pregnant on purpose as an excuse to not be a committed member of this family.' Our relationship has been strained ever since."


    14. "The bride stopped talking to me immediately after her wedding because I had a terrible cold the day of her wedding and had to go rest in my room halfway through setting up her wedding decorations...which we bridesmaids made without her help."


    15. "I was the maid of honor for my brother's wedding in which he and his bride told me they had hired a professional photographer for the wedding. So I went above and beyond to make myself up for the photos, only to find out that they hadn't actually hired a photographer — they expected me to take all the wedding photos!"


    "I'm not even a photographer — not even close!"


    16. "My best friend got mad at me that I was away at college while she was planning her wedding, because she thought I should be there with her instead."


    17. "My (ex) best friend asked me to be her maid of honor, and I was so excited to go dress shopping with her. She found some bridesmaids dresses she liked and said she would get everyone's sizes and go purchase the dresses. Well, she never asked me my size, but she did call me a week later to tell me she'd already bought the dresses and shoes, and that I owed her $250! And when I told her that my dress and shoes were too small, she said that I 'have time to lose weight before the wedding,' and I wouldn't be wearing the shoes very long anyway!"


    "Oh, and the whole time, I had been trying to get her to set a date for her bridal shower so I could plan it — she said she would let me know and never did. Well, two weeks after the dress situation, I ran into her aunt at the grocery store. She asked me why I didn't show up to the bridal shower the previous day, and told me that the bride was extremely hurt that I didn't have the decency to let her know! I called and left messages for her for a week straight, with no answer or return phone call until a few weeks later, when she called me late at night to tell me that the rehearsal dinner was the next day! Seriously?! I declined. Then she showed up at my door after her wedding, her husband waiting in the car, on their way to the airport for their ask me for the money for the dress and shoes."


    Now that we've talked about the worst brides, let's talk about the best ones! Tell us about the most chill, giving, and/or selfless brides you've ever seen — your "anti-bridezilla" story, if you will — in the comments section, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!