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    Updated on Jun 7, 2019. Posted on Jun 2, 2019

    15 Cringeworthy School Trips That Didn't Go Quite As Planned

    "Some of the girls climbed into the penguin enclosure to get close-ups for Snapchat."

    Recently, we shared a viral Reddit thread in which teachers shared the craziest things that happened on school trips, and they made us go, "OMG, seriously?!"


    Well, it turns out many members of the BuzzFeed Community had some insane school trip stories, too, and they chimed in with some really crazy ones:

    1. "I took my second grade class on a trip to the zoo, and at a bathroom stop, one of the boys came out screaming! He had decided not to wear underwear that day...and got his penis stuck in his zipper!"

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    "I took him to the first aid station, where they promptly took care of the situation."


    2. "I chaperoned my daughter's high-school class to New York City to see a Broadway show. Not all of the chaperones were needed during the show, so we agreed to split up and meet two of the dad chaperones later. Well, the show ended and we couldn't find them until one of their sons finally tracked his dad a STRIP CLUB, where both dads were falling down drunk!"


    3. "We were on a ski trip, and some of the students — all between the ages of 12 and 16 — had apparently snuck out and paid someone to get them a bottle of tequila. Well, after drinking it outside, one of the girls fell asleep in the snow and her friends didn't notice and left her there. If not for a woman from the nearby village finding her and getting her to the hospital, she would have died."


    "Her parents sued the teachers for 'not paying attention', and from then on, my school never went on another ski trip, since no teacher wanted to risk it."


    4. "A friend of mine took a group of kids on a field trip to the Dallas World Aquarium, where they have an outdoor penguin exhibit. Well, some of the girls thought their Snapchats weren't good enough from behind the wall, so THEY CLIMBED THE WALL INTO THE ENCLOSURE, and took close-up pictures with the penguins. The school was permanently banned and forced to pay a $1000 fine."


    5. "In high school we had a field trip to an ecology center in a rural area. The bus was headed down a narrow dirt road when the bus driver realized he was lost. But the road was so narrow that he couldn't turn around, so he started driving backwards down the road. But what he didn't realize was that there was a car of teenage girls — who were also lost — following us down that road. They were so confused that this bus was driving backwards at them that they didn't get out of the way, and the bus slammed right into their car!"

    "The front end of their car was all smashed in, and we ended up having to take a detour from the field trip to drive the girls into the town to call a tow truck."


    6. "My parents were chaperoning my brother's 2nd grade trip to the zoo, and they had stopped at the zoo's playground when my cousin slid down the slide into a bunch of wood chips. Well, she landed directly on a long spear-shaped chip a couple of inches long, and IMPALED HERSELF THROUGH THE BUTT CHEEK! My parents had to escort her to the hospital to have it removed. She was so embarrassed, but it's a funny family get-together story now."

    7. "When I was in seventh grade, my class took a field trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Because I went to a pretty large school, classes took turns visiting the aquarium throughout the week. But by the time we got to Thursday, my class' day, we found out that 26 students from my school had already been caught stealing from the gift shop that week and were almost arrested...and that we were banned."


    8. "I was the senior sponsor on an all-night grad trip to Universal Studios, but I had recently found out I was pregnant. I was super tired and sick, but I hadn't told the kids — who I was really close to — about the pregnancy, and when I mentioned staying behind they all freaked out. So I sucked it up and packed a bag of Dramamine and some sea bands. Well, I took Dramamine before we left and ended up arriving half-asleep like a zombie! I snuck away from the group and crashed behind one of the buildings, only to be woken up by a security guard who thought I was a drunk teenager. There was quite a commotion, and I had to beg security to let me get my ID from the bus and prove that I was actually pushing 30 and definitely not drunk!"

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    "So much for keeping my pregnancy a secret!"


    9. "When I was in 10th grade, my French class did an exchange with a class from Quebec City. I'm convinced the Quebec school just picked the kids they wanted gone from school for a week, because on a bus on the way to an attraction, one of them flipped down the tray table...and started doing lines of coke off of it, with the teachers two rows in front."


    10. "The second graders in our district were on a field trip to the Coney Island Aquarium, and the teachers were waiting for a group of kids and their parent chaperone to return to the meeting area. Well, one of the teachers finally went to look for them and found them all swimming in the ocean, fully clothed. It was the last time they went on that trip."


    11. "When I was a kid, all the fifth and sixth graders went to Ellis Island. We were in Battery Park waiting for the ferry when all of a sudden, one of the girls made a dash for the bathroom. Everyone was talking about how she had 'stuff' all over the backs of her legs, so we assumed she had diarrhea. Within five minutes, 75% of the fifth and sixth grade was singing endless verses of the Diarrhea Song like a scatological choir! Well, shortly thereafter, the girl emerged from the bathroom, face bright-red and crying. She had gotten her first period, and it was a doozy."


    "A parent chaperone drove the girl home while the science teacher — for whatever reason — explained to the class exactly what had happened, like this was a good time for a collective learning moment. We'd already learned this information in 4th grade health class, which made it unbearable to begin with, and furthermore: it was one thing to discuss 'menstruation,' but it was yet another to discuss 'Melissa's Period.' It was a public-private sphere violation among children who still laughed uncontrollably at farts. Yet the lecture persisted for the entire voyage. We never saw that girl again. Seriously."


    12. "During our sixth grade canoe trip, one of the canoes flipped over, throwing three students and the principal in the water! Teachers and parents jumped in to save everyone, and luckily no one was hurt. There's still a video on YouTube about the whole incident."


    13. "In high school, my French class took a trip to New York City to see Phantom of the Opera. My friends and I were in the Hard Rock Cafe´ in Times Square before the show when suddenly my vision blacked out and I puked all over the floor. Fun explaining that one to my teacher."


    "To this day, I refuse to go in any Hard Rock Cafe´ out of fear and embarrassment."


    14. "I took my class of first graders to the zoo, and one of the zebras got very 'excited' while we were standing in front of the zebra exhibit. I was just praying none of my students would mention it when one kid asked what it was, and my most mature kid just said, ''s a boy.'"


    15. "My mother had taken her first graders on a field trip to a theme park, and one kid thought it would be funny to plug all the toilets and sinks in the bathroom with toilet paper, flooding the entire bathroom! The chaperoning parent alerted my mom, who took him to the staff, asked for a mop and bucket, and made him clean it up. When he was finished, she asked him what he learned from the situation, and he said, 'Well, to not do that when you're around!'"

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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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