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17 Teachers Share The Craziest Things That Happened On School Trips, And You Will Go, "OMG, Seriously?!"

"One of the kids tried to buy weed from a guy in an alley. He was an undercover cop."

If you've ever been a teacher β€” or a student β€” you know that sometimes the most insane stuff goes down on school trips:


Well, a viral Reddit thread asked teachers to share the worst thing that happened on a school trip, and buckle up, y'all β€” these are wild:

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1. "A girl on a BETA club trip thought it would be funny to put a sign in the window of the bus that said, 'Bomb on board.' Needless to say, the interstate was shut down, the bus was pulled over, and a SWAT team raided our bus! The girl admitted it was a hoax, but that didn't stop the bomb squad from showing up!"


2. "We had taken the students on an annual canoe trip at the end of the year, and one of the students was aggressively yelling at other students to 'paddle harder!' Well, one student got really annoyed, turned around, and started WHACKING THE OTHER STUDENT WITH HIS PADDLE! We had to quickly get all seven of our canoes to shore to get these two students out because they were totally bludgeoning one another!"


3. "We were on a group trip to tour a college campus when a young man literally JUMPED OUT OF THE BUS WINDOW onto the highway! He said that his long-term girlfriend had broken up with him a few days before, and he just didn't want to go on the college visit because he didn't want to look at the same colleges as her anymore."


"He got a serious road rash, but was otherwise fine."


4. "We went ice skating, and one of the students fell, smacked her chin on the ice, and somehow took a skate blade to the face. She needed a bunch of stitches...and was able to stick her tongue through the hole in her face."


5. "We were on a fifth grade field trip to the zoo, and during a tour of the primate exhibit, a notoriously ill-behaved student hurled a stick into the gorilla habitat. Well, it landed near an adult gorilla who became angry and threw it back with the strength and precision of a tomahawk! It shattered on the boy's face, and he went down. But because of the commotion that ensued, more gorillas appeared and started screaming at the kids, which caused the nearby orangutans to catch wind of the situation and to mobilize to assist their gorilla comrades..."

"At this point, it had become a war on two fronts β€” gorilla and orangutans launching volleys of feces at the scattering students, until finally, an army of zoo staff swarmed the primate exhibits and managed to stop it. 30 minutes later, the zoo had indefinitely banned the school from the zoo, and the boy who started all the commotion was on his way to the hospital for stitches in his chin."


6. "We were on a field trip to NYC and one of my classmates tried to buy weed from a guy in an alley. It turns out it was an undercover cop."

7. "I'm not a teacher but I went on a field trip to a water park in 3rd grade, and after we changed into our bathing suits we noticed a kid was missing. Well, we looked over to the water slide area and found him β€” sprinting, totally naked, dropping logs as he went, as three teachers and a lifeguard chased behind him."

"They eventually caught him, shut down half of the park, and called his mom to come pick him up. To this day, I can't figure out why he did it."


8. "We had taken a field trip to a nature center, and one kid on the trip approached a woman with a service dog and began pulling on the dog, saying, 'Mommy would let me have it!'"


9. "I was on a field trip to a local forest preserve with my third grade class, and there was a boy on the trip with special needs who was also a flight risk. Well, at one point he darted back towards the bus and I took off after him. But instead of going to the bus, he ducked into the poison ivy and poison oak-riddled woods 250 feet ahead of me! And to make it even worse, he was wearing camouflage for this field trip because that's what his dad always wore in the woods, so as I got into the denser part of the forest, I had to rely entirely on sound to try to catch up to him..."

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"Eventually he ran back across the main road and down the river bank, right towards the rapids, which were flooded due to a recent storm! Now, I’m a strong swimmer, but I knew that flood waters are nothing to fuck with, and that if this kid got in the water, he would drown. So, I slid down the river bank as fast as I could, and caught up to him just as he started taking off his socks and shoes. I quickly grabbed him, threw him over my shoulders, and walked him back up the steep, slippery bank. Then back on the bus, while waiting for someone to come pick him up, he started complaining...about a rash."


10. "One of my students thought it would be 'cute' to sit in a baby swing. Well, she got stuck. We had to call the NYPD to come cut her out of the swing in front of the entire grade who, naturally, made her 'Snapchat famous' for the weekend."


11. "I took three classes of 6th graders to visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and since I was very pregnant, I was allowed to drive my own car ahead of the bus. Well, as I was walking towards the kids exiting the bus, I noticed a slew of papers on the sidewalk. I looked closer and suddenly realized they were an assortment of extremely pornographic pictures! I stopped to try and quickly gather them up before the kids saw them! We'd already had a big talk about being mature when viewing classical art and nude statues, but we were NOT prepared for the most lurid porn L.A. had to offer! Unfortunately, the rain had plastered the papers to the sidewalk, and the sight of the very pregnant teacher scrambling on hands and knees on Wilshire Blvd sent the chaperones and teachers rushing to my aid...with 100 kids right after them."


12. "We went to an aquarium which had an ice wall when I was in primary school. There were a lot of bloody tongues that day."



13. "I was chaperoning a 6th grade trip when I noticed an extensive make out session between two of the students in the back of the bus. So I went back there, plunked my Dad butt between them...and started telling my three kids' birth stories. I think the conversation about what a C-section is made them the most uncomfortable. And the stories about diapers, epic vomiting, and projectile pooping."


14. "We were driving through the middle of nowhere on our way to a farm when a TURKEY FLEW THROUGH THE BUS' WINDSHIELD! After realizing none of the kids were hurt, one of the teachers just kicked the dead bird off the bus, did a quick head count, and then lined the kids up against a wooden fence to wait for another bus."


15. "I was chaperoning a field trip to the science center and was in charge of a group of eight boys. Well, at one point one of them went missing. No one knew where he was for about 10 minutes...until one of the science center's security guards brought him to me and asked, 'Is he one of yours?' He then proceeded to open the kid's backpack...which had $200 worth of stolen stuff from the gift shop inside."


16. "I was a new teacher, and the grade I taught took a field trip during the first week of school. In fact, I was so new that nobody noticed that I wasn't even on the bus β€” and it left without me! I had to jump in my car and follow the bus to the destination."


17. "We came back with an extra kid."



Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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