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15 Reasons Valentine's Day Was Better In Elementary School

Gummy candy, hard candy, sour candy, chocolate-covered candy...

1. Like most special events experienced as a child, Valentine's Day was primarily about the loot.

Flickr: pengrin / Creative Commons

2. Chocolates weren't seen as lazy or generic gifts; they were SO EXCITING OMG CANDY CANDY CANDY.

Flickr: w5nyv / Creative Commons

Priorities in check.

3. No one was worried about how they were going to make up for all of these treats at the gym on Feb. 15.

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4. The holiday was also an excuse for some arts and crafts.

Flickr: smcl / Creative Commons

When was the last time you used googly eyes for anything? Too long ago.

5. Getting "mail" felt exciting and grown-up, because you hadn't learned about bills yet.

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6. The valentine cards themselves were better.

7. You could be as weird as your creepy little heart desired and it was all good.

8. And you were guaranteed not just one, but anywhere from 20 to 30 cards.

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9. Scouring the Valentine's Day aisle at your local drug store for the perfect set of cards was thrilling.

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"What kind of message do these Power Rangers send?"

10. It was an absolutely zero-pressure occasion; literally all you had to do was sign your name and then reap the rewards.

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11. The biggest decision you had to make was whether you would sign the card "From" or "Love."

Flickr: sweetone / Creative Commons
Flickr: sweetone / Creative Commons

12. You were too young to develop unrealistic expectations for your crush.

It wasn't until high school that you started hoping for the card, plus the coveted candy gram, plus the grand gesture in the middle of class in which your crush's love is professed in front of your peers.

13. Exchanging with mom, dad, or grandma wasn't depressing yet.

14. You had vague and optimistic ideas about what grown-up Valentine's Day would look like.

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Hint: inevitably full of life-altering, beautiful love.

15. And you were blissfully unaware of the fact that your future V-Days would be spent mostly with your sweatpants, some wine, a personal pizza, and your copy of When Harry Met Sally.

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Which, you know what, doesn't sound so bad after all.