10 Brutally Honest Valentines From Kids

Kids say the darndest things!

1. The “this is what your love makes me do” Valentine

ID: 887018

2. The “room for improvement” Valentine

ID: 887014

3. The anatomically correct Valentine

ID: 887049

4. The “I keep you around to serve my basic human needs” Valentine

ID: 887037

5. The hidden meaning Valentine

ID: 887060

6. The worried Valentine

ID: 887063

7. The Dexter-approved Valentine

ID: 887066

8. The future feminist’s Valentine

ID: 887075

9. The “age is a very real number and matters quite a bit” Valentine

ID: 887071

10. The Valentine’s card that’s adorable on the front

ID: 887103

But depicts your murder on the back

ID: 887104

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