The 32 Most Park Slope Things That Have Ever Happened

NO NON-ORGANIC QUINOA SMOOTHIE IS SAFE in Brooklyn’s most famed yuppie parent neighborhood.

1. This neighborhood landmark:

2. This:

3. This graffiti:

(Which, to be fair, is all over Brooklyn.)

4. This single file march:

5. Getting Steve Buscemi’s unwanted latte:

7. And this request:

8. This quote about the food co-op:

9. This yoga class:

10. This “bike” rack:

11. This:

I missed my normal train because I had to wait for two strollers to go down the stairs #ParkSlopeproblems

— Alison (@entropica)

12. This warning:

13. THIS warning:

14. The bike valet at GoogaMooga:

Bike Valet @GoogaMooga #onlyinParkSlope

— Carmelo Star (@CarmeloStar)

15. This sidewalk giveaway gone wrong:

16. And this that will go very right:

17. And the co-op’s AGGRESSIVE red chairs:

Today in food cooperation: an excerpt from the 20 page new cashier station feedback book. #onlyinparkslope

— Allison Pennell (@brooklynbreeder)

18. These organic Legos:

19. This Yellow Pages protest:

Clever Yellow Pages protest. But seriously, why do they still print these? #onlyinparkslope

— Corey Belaief (@cbelaief)

20. This passive aggressive dog poop note:

21. This stroller phalanx at the park:

22. This question:

Lady at the bar: "Is your veggie burger vegan?" #ParkSlopeProblems

— Mahsa Saeidi (@MahsaWho)

23. This act of rebellion:

24. PatStew jogging sightings:

Just walked past Patrick Stewart running on his tiptoes in neon sneaks on the perimeter of Prospect Park. #onlyinparkslope

— jen o'flanagan (@jenoflanagan)

25. This concerned child:

Overheard in Park Slope: "Father, I can feel my core body temperature lowering. Can't we go indoors?" #findthatkidapublicschool

— kaeleigh (@kaeleig_h)

26. This unnecessary shorthand:

27. This crisis of faith:

Overheard in Park Slope: "He doesn't believe in brunch, which I thought was weird."

— Mo Cahill (@mocahill)

28. Any strong stance on gluten products:

Overheard in Park Slope: "I have a love/hate relationship with seitan."

— Michael Whitney (@michaelwhitney)

29. This questionable blend:

31. This selection:

32. And this:

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