19 American Halloween Customs That Confuse The Heck Out Of Aussies

    What do you guys do with all the leftover pumpkin?!

    1. Going all out on Halloween decorations every single year.

    2. Having dedicated Halloween playlists on Spotify.

    When the Ultimate #Halloween playlist pops up on @Spotify

    That's right, enough Halloween music to last you the whole month of October with dozens of playlists. Americans don't mess around when it comes to their Halloween tunes.

    3. Putting up Halloween Christmas trees for some unknown and godforsaken reason.

    I finished my Halloween Tree!🎃👻 I’M IN LOVEEEEE🧡🖤🧡

    Decorating Christmas trees wasn't enough for you guys, huh.

    4. Not to mention skeletons being everywhere and anywhere.

    5. Spending a scary amount on Halloween each year.

    6. Spamming their socials in the lead up to the "31 Nights Of Halloween".

    7. Adding pumpkin spice to every single food you can think of.

    8. Actually, scratch that — just loving anything to do with pumpkins in general.

    9. Seriously, what do you guys even do with all those left over pumpkins once October is over?

    10. Giving out candy corn during Halloween, even though it looks — and supposedly tastes — bloody awful.

    A hand holding a couple of pieces of candy corn

    11. And somehow managing to survive without the delicious goodness that is Cadbury chocolate.

    12. Having whole stores dedicated to Halloween decorations, costumes and props.

    Americans are so lucky having infinitely better Halloween decor in stores than we do over here. Makes me wanna travel just to stock up. 🎃

    All we have are party shops, which do have a Halloween range — but it's nothing like what you guys have over in the States.

    13. Which probably explains why most Americans are experts on doing insane SFX makeup.

    14. Doing the absolute most with their Halloween costumes.

    15. Treating Hocus Pocus like an entirely separate religion during this time of year.

    The three main characters from Hocus Pocus smiling at the camera

    16. Organising pumpkin patch photoshoots for their babies.

    17. Dressing up their pets in adorable, but spooky, costumes.

    We had cats in costumes, now it’s the dogs turn

    How on Earth do they manage to wrangle their furry best friends into these costumes?! Tell me your secrets, please.

    18. Having elaborate Halloween-themed weddings

    19. And lastly, treating Halloween as this massive holiday that everyone plans for months in advance.