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    Marvel And Sony's New "Morbius" Trailer Just Dropped: Here's The Breakdown

    The vampire has awoken.

    Sony has finally released another trailer for the next addition in their Spider-Man Universe: Morbius, starring Jared Leto!

    Morbius looks regenerated.

    Watch the trailer here:

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    Sony / Via

    In this trailer, we are given a glimpse of Jared Leto's Michael Morbius struggling with a debilitating blood disorder, desperate to find a cure. This eventually takes him to an altar, where he douses his cut hand in a mysterious liquid. He is then surrounded by a swarm of bats, and from there, the transformation begins.

    New story details have emerged!

    Simon Stroud and co. standing in the woods in "Morbius"

    Jared Leto sports a new look.

    Morbius howling at the camera in "Morbius"

    Morbius's powers are explored.

    Morbius with his vampiric eyes in "Morbius"

    What universe is this set in?

    Morbius walking down an alley and passing a grafitti painting of Spider-Man in "Morbius"

    Is that Vulture?

    Adrian Toomes standing behind cops by a police car in "Morbius"

    Rhino and Black Cat Easter eggs appear.

    A Daily Bugle paper displays villains.

    Could it be the Black Cat from TASM2?

    Black Cat crouching in "Marvel's Spider-Man"

    All in all, Morbius looks to be an important entry in Sony's Spider-Man Universe, introducing one new villain and setting up many others that will end up confronting Spider-Man. While it seems like Sony is hinging on these references of the greater Spider-Man universe to make the film successful, we'll just have to wait and see just how good Morbius is.

    Morbius attacks!