I Noticed All The Hidden Details And References In "Morbius", So You Don't Have To

    There may be more Spider-Man villains in this universe than we thought...

    Morbius is out now and Sony's Spider-Man Universe (or SSU) is expanding.

    So here are some interesting facts, details, and references you might have missed while watching.

    🚨 Spoilers for Morbius ahead, obviously! 🚨

    1. Dr. Emil Nicholas is a version of Emil Nikos, Morbius' best friend in the comics.

    Dr Emil Nicholas looking at Morbius who's just off camera

    2. Lucien/Milo is loosely based on Loxias Crown/Hunger and Morbius himself, with some of Emil Nikos's backstory mixed in.

    Milo walking down a train platform in a long grey coat, light blue shirt and dark blue tie

    3. The name Milo means dear or beloved – or soldier.

    4. When Milo is dancing around his house enjoying his new abilities, we see his walls covered with zebra print.

    A zebra in the centre is looking at the camera, surrounded by the striped backs of other zebras

    5. The wavy tendrils that Morbius "sees" represent a bat's echolocation.

    Morbius with his head tilted down as his pale blue eyes look out from under his eyebrows dramatically, with light blue smoky tendrils coming off the wall behind him

    6. During a news report about the "Vampire Murder" attacks, a headline in the news crawl at the bottom says "Subway still closed due to bat infestation".

    7. FBI Agents Rodriguez and Stroud previously worked on the Venom case.

    8. And Morbius says "I am Venom", which is an obvious reference.

    9. Morbius' smoky vampiric trail becomes purple towards the end of the film – mirroring the comics.

    10. We see Oscorp tower and Horizon Labs in the skyline.

    The Oscorp building on the left with other city buildings in the skyline visible in front of an orange sky

    11. A billboard on the subway advertises "Thomas and Kane", which isn't a real company, but IS a reference.

    The cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #101: Spider-Man is knocked back as Morbius smacks him while saying "Fool! It will take more than a freak with six arms to stop.. a vampire!"

    12. And later, Morbius crashes into the neon sign of Wyman Hotel, which seems to reference another Marvel alum.

    13. The FBI detectives read the Daily Bugle....

    The Daily Bugle newspaper with 'Dr Michael Morbius apprehended for "Vampire Murder" in all caps on the front, with a picture of Morbius on the left under the headline

    14. ...And the words "Black Cat: Friend or Foe?" are visible on the top right.

    The same picture of the Daily Bugle newspaper as above but zoomed in on the top right corner, where the words 'Black Cat: Friend or Foe?' are visible

    15. Plus, there's another headline reading "Rhino On The Loose: Zoo hoax fools us all".

    The same picture of the Daily Bugle newspaper again but zoomed in on the top middle, where the words 'Rhino On The Loose: Zoo hoax fools us all' are visible

    16. The two mid-credits scenes suggest a ~sinister~ future.

    17. Morbius might know of – or even have met – a Spider-Man.

    18. Speaking of the webslinger, there was Spider-Man graffiti with "MURDERER" written across it on a wall Morbius passes in the trailer, though it doesn't appear in the film.

    Morbius in an orange jumpsuit with a grey blanket wrapped around his shoulders, walking past some Spider-Man graffiti with MURDERER written across it

    19. So this film doesn't take place in the MCU, but IS linked to it after Doctor Strange's multiverse spell.