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    There's A Website That Will Name Your Baby For You

    Register your baby's domain name now or forever hold your peace.

    If you're a parent-to-be and are having trouble naming your future child, is here to help you.


    The website is actually the result from a weekend hackathon project from Finbarr Taylor and Karen X. Cheng, who both work at Waffle, a yet to be launched video messaging app.

    The website helps you decide on a name based on what domain names are available with your last name.


    "We first built the website because we wanted people to have a laugh and thought people would love it," said Cheng to BuzzFeed. "But we also realized it is hard for someone with a common name to try and distinguish yourself on the internet."

    The website, which launched yesterday, has already been used by "over 2,000 parents," said Cheng.


    If you enjoy one of the names chosen for your future baby, you can buy a variety of domains from The regular .com domain runs for $10.69 a year whereas a .io domain is $58.88 a year.

    While it's fun deciding what names your child should have, it's more fun to see what's available for children of celebrities.

    Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, who are expecting, should definitely go for these names (while they're are still available)!

    Hurry before all the good names are taken and you're left with a name people will constantly misspell on a Starbucks cup.