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    • annaw4

      I have a planner (I use the We’Moon Astrological Planner because it’s beautiful and has eclectic, feminist art in it, but I also love the bullet journal method, which can be done in any notebook!) which I fill out every day at the end of class, writing in my homework assignments in the box on the day that the homework is due. That way, when I look in my calendar for the next day, I double-check that my homework is done and I have it ready.  I also have color-coordinated pens and notebooks for different classes, which motivates me to take excellently clear notes and keep them separate for when I study. This also makes finding my notes and homework very fast.  Lastly, this is both a productivity and self-care tip, but when I’m feeling sad or angry, I have this little ritual where I set a timer for fifteen minutes and cry, hit a pillow, stomp my feet, scream into a pillow, rip up junk mail catalogs, and flip out, and then once the fifteen minutes are over, I turn on some dance music and clean my room/do/dishes/wash windows/mop the floor. This ritual of getting my feelings out and then accomplishing a household chore gets me into the perfect productive mood to clean my whole house, finish my homework, and get into a more positive mindset.

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