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19 Questions For Men That Highlight Everyday Sexism

When feminist hashtags take over Twitter.

Earlier today, Daily Life columnist Clementine Ford tweeted a question regarding the reaction she typically gets to her writing.

Question to the male writers/speakers etc out there. Is it common for you to be called an ‘attention seeker’? Or do just women get that?

1. It sparked the hashtag #QuestionsForMen, highlighting the everyday sexism women have to face and men generally don't even have to consider:

#QuestionsForMen: When you have a hostile disagreement with someone, is it common for them to say you’re angry because no one will fuck you?


#questionsformen In a job interview have you ever been asked how you will juggle work and home?


Would u be comfortable w only women weighing in on the debate about your productive organs? Or proposing policy/law re: it? #QuestionsForMen


#QuestionsForMen Have you ever expressed a strong opinion and been called a meninazi? @clementine_ford


#QuestionsForMen Have you ever read a thinkpiece by a respected female writer explaining why and how men aren’t funny?


#questionsformen How does your wife feel about your career?


#QuestionsForMen have you ever had trouble breaking into your chosen field because it's a 'girl's club?'


#QuestionsForMen Are you glad you waited until you were established in your career before becoming a father?


How often have you needed to lie and pretend you had a partner to try to stop someone hitting on you? #QuestionsForMen


#QuestionsForMen have you even been judged on the length of your pants?


#questionsformen when you achieve something great, do you expect the female reporter to say, 'give us a twirl, who are you wearing?'


#questionsformen Have you ever had to fight for a 10% share of the conversation with women who think that you're actually taking 80% share?


Has your body been compared to an unlocked car, wallet or other object that can be carelessly left unattended? #QuestionsForMen


Do you struggle to identify with playable male characters because they are hyper-sexualised objects of fantasy?#QuestionsForMen


Are you able to watch shows with more than two men on the panel without it being dismissed as a men's show? #QuestionsForMen


Do you send your mates a message to let them know you've gotten home safely? #questionsformen


How many times have you been told you're "such an independent young man" like that shouldn't just be a given. #QuestionsForMen


Have you ever considered the advantages to be gained from signing your work using only your initials? #QuestionsForMen


#questionsformen ever been called a 'boy gamer' while girls are just... Gamers?

Well played, Twitter.