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22 "Lady Products" That Are Totally Necessary And Not Useless At All


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3. Dressing in disguise but still want to maintain that feminine glow? Grab a pack of these! They're pink, which means they're perfect for you, you lady.

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And people will be way more concerned with complimenting you on how feminine your moustache is than asking why you have a fake moustache on in the first place.

4. You like soap? We'll give you soap! You don't want to be powerful, strong and wild, you're a woman!

Dear Radox, please stick your insultingly gendered soap products up your arse.

You want to be pampered and calm, meek and mild, just like the baby Jesus.


6. No lady dog's life is complete without some pink puppy pads, so treat your pooch and soak up that urine with something extra fancy!

I'm in a pet shop and they sell gendered puppy pads I'm so embarrassed why is that neccesary

7. Cleaning ice off the car can be a real drag, especially for the feeble hands of a woman. Let everyone know you’re a real “pro-driver babe” with these mitts.

8. Looking for a way to secure all your womanly things? Purchase this "party girl" padlock. What's the difference? I hear you ask. Why the colour, of course!

Needlessly gendered item of the weeeeeeek.


9. And if that protection isn't enough, grab this "Lady Protector".

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Sure, it could have just been called a shaving mousse, but everyone knows women don't shave because women don't grow body hair! DUH!

10. Soften up that poop you've been holding in all day with these pink, womanly stool softeners. They're ideal for the dainty stomach of any lady with extreme constipation.

Bisacodyl "gentle" laxative for women! In pink! Oh my word.

So gentle and soft.

12. There are regular headphones and then there are womanly headphones, and guess which one is for you?

Since when are ear buds gendered??

Don't worry, there are pictures of women plastered all over the box to reassure you of your decision.


16. Planning to get high the lady way? The marijuana handbook for women is all you need.

It's conveniently named Mary Jane in purple letters with a decorative weed symbol, so it's super feminine.


17. And if you'd like to make some notes in that new handbook of yours, take a pick from the abundance of lady's stationery on offer!

Today on unnecessarily gendered products!!!!

18. You know us girls, we have a LOT of secrets, and it's essential we find the appropriate place to put them. Don't put them in a silly boy book, put them in a dainty girl book!

unnecessarily gendered products: secrets

19. Looking for some cute accessories for your lady cave? Now you can get a feminine candle!

Target didn't learn their lesson with their gendered building sets? A candle is a candle, friends.

What does it smell like? Who cares! It's got pink in it, so it's perfect.

20. And here's some lighters for your candle too! Nuh-uh, don't go choosing those regular ones, get the lady ones, you gotta.

21. Burning in the sun? In need of some protection? Grab this sunscreen for your girly skin, infused with vanilla-green tea scent, the only scent suitable for your delicate flesh.

This is the most gendered sunscreen I've ever seen. Also, Vanilla Green Tea scent? What is that even?