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    The BuzzFeed Brain/Heart Matrix

    Find out which stories blew up on Twitter (the brain of the internet) and Facebook (the heart).

    If Twitter is the brain of the social web — lots of chatter, commentary, and argument — then Facebook is the heart — a place for liking, sharing, and emotions. BuzzFeed analyzed a selection of top posts from the past week to find out what percent of their traffic came from Twitter and what percent came from Facebook. Above, our Brain/Heart Matrix for May 1 through May 7.

    The Most Brainy Stories

    These got the highest percentage of traffic from Twitter of the stories we looked at:

    5. "Deep Inside The Biggest Little Dildo Factory In America"

    4. "Federal Government Hunkers Down For Massive Cyber Attack Tuesday"

    3. "The Expendables: Inside America's Elite Search And Rescue Dog Training Center"

    2. "7 Female Musicians Discuss Their Experiences With Sexism"

    1. "Jason Kidd Is Turning Into A Ghost"

    And The Most Heartfelt

    These stories got the highest percentage of their traffic from Facebook:

    5. "The Best Of 'First-World Cat Problems'"

    4. "What It's Like Shopping At Forever 21"

    3. "The 9 Types Of Hangover We've All Endured"

    2. "The 21 Most Awkward Moments In Handshake History"

    1. "27 Things You Had To Deal With As The Only Black Kid In Your Class"