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7 Valiant Efforts To Capitalize On "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

The ongoing Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon has left publicists all over the country scrambling to find connections between their products and the books. Now everything vaguely sexy is being sold as Fifty Shades-themed. Some examples...

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A BDSM social network.

iTaboo, "a free BDSM social network for adults with kinky fetishes," name-checked the books in an emailed release: "With the series 'Fifty Shades of Grey' selling 10 million copies in 37 countries the new phenomena of fetishes and kink culture is becoming a hot topic in the media and entertainment industries. Growing at 150 members a day the iTaboo community has welcomed people in all walks of life to be free to nurture their desires and engage with like-minded people worldwide."


A nonfiction book about sex.

A press release billed Amy Winter's The Sex Habits of Americans: The Inside Story about What Everyone Else Is Doing Behind Closed Doors as "fifty shades of America." The book apparently includes factoids on what Americans do in the bedroom (64% have sex once a week) and what they like in there (55% of women are turned on by being bitten). No word on what percentage enjoy ben-wa balls or the Red Room of Pain.


A porn site.

YouPorn [NSFW] recently let us know that fans of the trilogy simply can't wait for the movie: "still a long time from reaching the silver screen, choked-up readers have turned to internet pornography sites for an up-close-and-personal look at BDSM and bondage-related videos." Searches for “domination,” “sex slave,” “master” and “sadism” are apparently up.


The vice president of another porn site.

Another release offered interviews with Corey Price, VP of Pornhub [NSFW], about the appeal of Fifty Shades and BDSM. The title of the email: "50 Shades of Empowerment." The release also suggested covering "another trending story of personal growth — the Octomom porn film."


An "essential arousal oil" for women.

A press release for Zestra, an oil that's supposed to make women more sensitive to touch, quoted Dr. Michael L. Krychman, Executive Director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine: "With the recent advent of media bringing female sexuality to the forefront such as the book 50 Shades of Grey and the film Magic Mike, a women's sex drive, which until recently was not a family-friendly topic is now water cooler conversation. Women are no longer ashamed to talk about their sex lives or their desire to improve them." Bonus: Zestra is endorsed by Kris Jenner.


A line of sex toys.

This one isn't terribly surprising. The sex toy line California Exotic Novelties (CalExotics for short) is putting itself forward as a source of adult-toy expertise for Fifty Shades-themed stories. The title of their mass email: "Fifty Shades of CalExotics — Discover the Toys You've Read About."


Experts on everything.

This press release from a PR firm covers many bases, so we've reproduced it in full:

Subject: 50 Shades Sparks Cultural Boom

Everyone is talking about how 50 Shades of Grey will be responsible for the next baby boom. Will it also create an increase in cosmetic procedures as The Twilight Series sparked the “Vampire Facelift.” What procedures will be sparked by 50 Shades? What about Magic Mike’s boom and men seeking cosmetic approvals for the ideal physique?

1. Our hair restoration specialists are seeing an increase in inquiries from men wanting to look more attractive like Christian Grey and Magic Mike…star Matthew McConaughey has long been rumored to have had hair restoration surgery

2. Our Fertility specialists are seeing more patients now that the 50 Shades Baby Boom is creating more pressure to conceive. How does this increased pressure affect couples that struggle from infertility – do they feel even more left-out when everyone talks about the new baby boom?

3. Mommy Makeovers are seeing a boom with many wanting to look “sexy” based on this new 50 Shade craze – plastic surgeons are seeing an uptick in all types of procedures including botox, liposuction, breast augmentation and other procedures they may have put off for so long.

4. Men are looking to improve their appearance given the new focus on looking good. What procedures are men turning to?

Would you like to speak to any of our experts on these cultural topics?

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