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Here's How To Know If You Could Benefit From Therapy

Because it's not just something ~other people~ do.

You've probably wondered whether or not you should try out this whole therapy thing.

But you may have stopped yourself because therapy seems like something for other people, not you. But here's the thing: There are a million ways therapy can help just about anyone.

Important: Therapists won't tell you exactly what to do or give you advice (shocking — I know). But what they can do is help you work through certain roadblocks and give you the tools and understanding to help you decide what to do. So, to highlight all the ways therapy can make your life better, BuzzFeed Health talked to clinical psychologist Andrea Bonior, Ph.D., and clinical psychologist Ryan Howes, Ph.D. Here are just some of the many reasons to hit up a therapist.

1. You need a guilt-free place to focus on YOU and you only.

2. You need a place to practice being more assertive, more social, more vulnerable, more whatever.

3. You're miserable at your job.

4. Or you need a job.

5. Your moods and emotions feel out of control lately.

6. You want to role-play out a tough or scary conversation you need to have.

7. You want to be more self-aware or emotionally intelligent.

8. You recently went through a trauma and need support.

9. Or you're ready to talk about something that happened in your past.

10. You're finding it nearly impossible to go to school or work.

11. Your relationships have all been rocky lately.

12. You've noticed a pattern in your life and need to ask, "Is it me?"

13. You have a habit of self-sabotaging.

14. You have a goal you want to achieve but need some help or motivation.

Sure, there are some superhumans out there who can self-motivate and achieve their goals through sheer will, but it doesn't hurt to have someone in your corner. A therapist is a great person to help you enact a plan and, more importantly, check in and keep you accountable, says Bonior.

15. You need feedback about how you come off to others.

16. You want to learn relaxation or mindfulness techniques and other self-care exercises.

17. You want to know if something you do is normal.

18. You want to improve your relationships and be a better partner.

19. You can't control your negative or racing or anxious thoughts.

20. You need help forgiving someone in your life.

21. You've been using a substance or behavior as a crutch.

22. You get distracted too easily or always feel scattered.

23. You just really need someone right now.

24. You need another thing to truly look forward to every week or month.

25. You want to make a bad life good — or a good life better.