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    27 "Scrubs" Moments That Will Make You Laugh Every Time


    1. When Dr. Cox couldn't resist a joke.

    2. When white people ruined everything for Turk.

    3. When Elliot got cake.

    4. When Dr. Cox had a colorful way of saying "get out of my face."

    5. When J.D. tried to get around doctor-patient confidentiality.

    6. When Dr. Kelso couldn't be bothered with names.

    7. When J.D. got tipsy.

    8. When Turk showed J.D. his engagement ring for Carla.

    9. When 12 found out about the ranking.

    10. When it was laundry day.

    11. When the Janitor didn't believe in the moon.

    12. When the Janitor was just trying to look busy.

    13. When Dr. Cox presented a special guest.

    14. When J.D. had the dorkiest helmet.

    15. And when he revealed the truth about human nature.

    16. When Molly's glamorous entrance suddenly got a lot less glamorous.

    17. When J.D. moved locations.

    18. When Turk came around on the whole baby thing.

    19. When Harvey revealed a lot about his love life.

    20. When Laverne wasn't having it.

    21. When Dr. Cox revealed the truth about the internet.

    22. When Turk tried to pass it off.

    23. When Elliot's bedside manner needed some help.

    24. When Dr. Cox relished a moment.

    25. When J.D. was honest about his bromance with Turk.

    26. When the Janitor had trouble with his soup.

    27. And finally, every time "eagle" happened.