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    24 Easy Ways To Feel Better Immediately

    Roll up in a blanket burrito. Put on Netflix. Cry. Repeat.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community how they take care of themselves after a really bad day. Here are just some of their bad day rituals.

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    "Growing up, after a bad day my mom would always tell me to take a long shower and shave my legs. For whatever reason, even though I do shave on a regular basis, this always helps me feel clean and refreshed. I’ll additionally use some nice lotion on my feet and put fuzzy socks on." —jadeb42120d9c3


    "Red wine with dinner. Even if dinner happens to be just toast." —erenah


    "I pop on Judge Judy and make myself a martini! Drinking and watching people get indicted always warms my heart." —lexisb2

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    "When I have an awful, terrible, no-good, very bad day, my favorite thing is to grab a bunch of food I wouldn't normally eat and put on a movie with a happy ending, or play some video games, or read a book — anything fun and happy and delicious to make up for the day." —Dylan Rae McAdam, Facebook


    "I always watch Parks and Rec after a bad day. Nothing better to lift your spirits." —zj21


    "When I have a bad day, I usually go home, do my nails, maybe do a face mask, and watch Disney. There's never been a single Disney movie that ever put me in a bad mood. And if it's a princess movie, I'll be sure to sing along to all the songs." —Becky Martin, Facebook

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    "After a bad day, listening to music and reading are my go-tos. Elton John's 'Healing Hands' is my feel-good song and Little Women my feel-good book. Also, Pomeranian videos." —Sachini Seneviratne, Facebook


    "Music. Really positive, upbeat music. Some cute K-pop jams from groups like Tiny G or Twice when I have the energy for it, or some chill tunes by Kero Kero Bonito when I'm too tired." —Adriana Jaimes Espinoza, Facebook


    "I take an EXTREMELY long shower until I feel better. The water helps center me and helps me put my problems in perspective. You always feel at least a little better after you're clean!" —Elyse Hutcheson, Facebook

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    "I like to take a long bubble bath and precariously balance my laptop on the washing machine to binge my favorite show while soaking." —Astrid Farley, Facebook


    "I burn incense and sit with my crystals…also chips. Lots of chips." —spangle95


    "Netflix and Pop-Tarts, Netflix and Pop-Tarts, Netflix and Pop-Tarts, NETFLIX AND POP-TARTS." —eveballer05


    "I like to work out after a bad day. A good cardio workout helps me forget about what happened and feel better (also I tend to get fidgety when I'm really stressed, so tiring myself out in the gym helps with that!)." —Felicia-Marie Gauthier, Facebook


    "I usually treat myself to a pity shake from Sonic." —jenniferrr


    "I read fanfiction. Doesn’t matter what fandom. It makes me feel better." —pastazero

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    "I pour myself a glass of wine and do the dishes while rewatching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt." —Andrea McCall, Facebook


    "Baking, baking, baking! I think I made like three cakes one day and just had to fatten up my family during the week to get rid of them!" —charlotteb405544c18


    "I come home and play with my cats. Nothing fixes a bad mood like laughter and watching them chase a feather toy or ball. Never fails to make me chuckle." —HollyrD87708BN

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    "I come home, put my earphones on, and dance weirdly around the room. Take a hot bath, have a nap and then do some fun stuff like posting on BuzzFeed! STRESS = RELEASED." —Talha Ishaq, Facebook


    "Step 1: Hug a cat and put on something comfortable.

    Step 2: Find the chocolate or ice cream.

    Step 3: Put on a funny TV show, mixing it up depending on your mood. Sometimes it’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Scrubs, other times it’s The Office (US) or Parks and Rec, or if all else fails it’s Greek. It just has to be funny and provide and escape.

    Step 4: Eat the chocolate or ice cream while doing Step 3.

    Step 5: Repeat steps 1–4 until you feel like you can the face the world."



    "I drink coffee and watch Gilmore Girls. The show never fails to make me laugh and coffee keeps me from completely hating everything." —rissycatherine

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    "I pretend no one else exists and get lost in music and useless internet browsing. It’s great because I can do whatever I like and just create white noise for my brain until I’m ready to come back and feel better." —XOXOAmy


    "Depends on how bad it is. Usually I watch a few episodes of my favorite series or movies that have been my favorite since childhood (Naruto, Supernatural, Harry Potter, etc.), while sipping hot chocolate and crying simultaneously over the characters and laughing to myself. It makes me happy. Then I get a good nap. It works out fine." —adeenaa


    "Nothing solves a bad mood like rolling up in a blanket burrito and calling it a day." —Mary Setter, Facebook

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